It continues to be our job to bring the attention of the next round of talent around the region, as Phenom Hoops continues to shine light on new names to watch out for. We recently took advantage of getting a chance to watch Northern Nash, a team that has some intriguing young talent who is getting valuable minutes and experience. 2027 6’8 CJ Rosser and 2027 6’4 Kamren Freeman are two names that should be on your watch list. Rosser is one that certainly grabs your attention with his size at 6’8, his ability to play along the perimeter, and the upside in what he could ultimately be. This young man shows promise in his ability to be used inside and out, good handles, can knock down shots from outside, and you can see the more he gets stronger and develops his feel, there is a lot to like.

Freeman is another freshman to look out for, as the dual-sport athlete was able to be a good presence on both ends. He plays well inside in the paint, moves well without the ball, runs the floor and shows good hands in finishing, and is looking to not only be a presence down low but also expand more of his game as he develops.

Both showed flashes in their game and should start being on more radars in the coming years as they continue to develop.

What Was Said:

2027 CJ Rosser

“2027 6’8 CJ Rosser (Northern Nash) continues to be an intriguing prospect. A lot of upside to his game, and still developing his overall feel. But comfortable along the perimeter offensively and defensively, can hit open shots, solid handles, and good length already. #PhenomHoops”

2027 Kamren Freeman

“Really liked what I saw from 2027 6’4 Kamren Freeman (Northern Nash). Active defensively, runs the floor, good hands and makes good passes, understands how to move without the ball, and makes plays inside the paint. Also plays football. #PhenomHoops”