By: Kevin Moses

Cooper Smith
Twitter: @Cooperbsmith6
Height: 6’4, 180lbs
Class of 2024
School: Rockwell Heath, TX

Smith was explosive down in Dallas over the weekend at @TexasHoopsGASO @GASOMass @GASOBlue.  He is super athletic and crafty destroying defenders off the bounce or torching the nets from downtown. With blow-by speed, the defense is helpless once his mind is made up to get to the rim. It was his intense energy and scrappy play that wowed me the most. Smith didn’t force bad shots, he was efficient with his shot selection. But Cooper is a team player as he fueled the team with sweet dimes to the tune of 6asts per game average. And then he nearly averaged 9rebs per game.

Smith was electric on defense as well, averaging 2stls per game while winning the USA National Championship. Last season, he averaged 13pts, 6.8rebs, and 2.7asts. He managed to win the district MVP award along the way. Cooper is an all-around player, gritty and tough, and doing whatever his team needs to get that win.

He has set his goal to win his second district MVP award and go deep into the playoffs. With this stacked team it’s going to be an amazing run.  Coaches should know Smith’s high motor and IQ set him apart added to his skillset and passion to be the whatever it takes guy. Cooper is a class act and leads by example. You have to keep an eye on this squad making some serious noise in Texas.