There are several teams trying to rebuild or build off their roster of young and developing players, and at the Phenom New Year’s Bash, West Charlotte was one of those teams that brought that thought to the forefront. Though they are sitting around .500 on the year, this is a program that understands how to win in the past and has young talent that could easily build around in the coming years.

When sitting baseline and checking out the young players and role players that they have, West Charlotte has a chance to build upon this roster and make even more noise down the road.

Starting, you have to look at the three freshmen who are getting a ton of valuable early experience. 2027 Christian Coleman, 2027 Amen Pressley, and 2027 RJ Grier all have been playing big minutes for this team and should only continue to develop.

Coleman showed he isn’t afraid to hit big shots, penetrate and score, and has an advanced skillset in his game. Pressley is a long guard that can knock down shots from outside. And Grier is a quick guard that plays within the offense, passes the ball well, and can be an effective scorer as well. All will have plenty of time to continue to develop their game and add more in the coming years.

But you also have to look at how valuable 2026 Elijah Littlejohn is for this team. A big-time football player who holds multiple high-major offers already, he understands where he excels and where he can impact the game for his team. Littlejohn is relentless in his ability to attack the boards, as he just has a knack for getting his hands on the ball. Throughout the event, he was racking up double-digit boards and being extremely physical on the court.

These four players are terrific building blocks for West Charlotte, and from what we saw on the court, this would be a program to watch in the coming years.