Phenom Hoops wants to continue our coverage of a fantastic two weeks in Rock Hill, highlighting some players that caught our attention.  A player that we got our first look at back in January in Fayetteville, 2022 6’5 Damien Robinson may be a prospect to start really keeping an eye on.

Back in January when Patrick O’Brien took in a game with Westover vs. Overhills, Robinson made an impression with his play as a sophomore.  He had this to say about Robinson after the game:

“Robinson is a defensive end for football but he had great mobility and energy on the court Friday night.  Being the only true big for this team, he had to handle the length of Westover and did a solid job doing so.  Rebounded strong, carved out space and finished through contact.  Only a sophomore, keep an eye on him both on the court and the field.”

He proved that countless times through the season, staying pretty consistent in scoring inside and getting on the boards.  He finished the season averaging 8.1 points and 9.6 rebounds per game (averaging nearly 4.1 offensive rebounds per game as well). 

He continued to capture more eyes at the Phenom Queen City Showcase and Phenom Challenge as well.

Our very own, Jason Porter, was sitting baseline for multiple games for the Fayetteville Flash 15u and came away mentioning this about Robinson’s game.

“Type of player I call a dancing bear. Real good combo of size, strength, and control in this kid. Better yet, he has a plus motor and will give you all he has to give. Strong on the glass on both ends of the floor and can score on a variety of moves in and around the paint. Did not see a ton of range in his game but he did show the ability to make a move with the ball and close the gap. A powerful player is type that will make a coach happy at the next level somewhere.”

Robinson has a tremendous frame and body that certainly could be a potential in either sport and with several seniors graduating from Overhills, he could become more of a focus and make an even bigger impression on coaches down the road.  But certainly, one to keep your eyes on in North Carolina.