#13 5' Sebastian Atkins
Atkins has a good handle on the ball and showed great confidence with the ball in his hands. He is high level scorer from multiple areas around the floor. Atkins' camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Sebastian has a great ability to put the ball through the basket. He can score going toward the basket and has a great mid-range game.'

#14 5' Alex Margulis
Marquis has a great attitude and is a very coachable kid. He plays very hard and is able to make shots at all 3 levels, especially beyond the arc. Marquis' camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Alex will have success at the next level with his shooting. He is very coachable, plays hard, and does what you like.'

#18 5'1' Dean Hunter
Hunter is a great competitor who plays with a fire and high basketball IQ. Hunter was a vocal leader for the team, acting as a coach on the floor, and played great on ball defense throughout. Hunter's camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Dean is a fierce competitor with the ability to get all of his teammates involved. He is great at getting to the basket as well as taking direction and leading his team.'

#24 5'2' Montraivis White
White had a great attitude and displayed a high basketball IQ throughout the camp. As a paint getting lead guard, White displayed the ability to get what he wanted from the mid-range. White's camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Montraivis has a great basketball IQ, and is able to do a lot of damage in the mid-range.'

#31 5'3' Connor Ballou
Ballou is a high IQ player who showed a great attitude throughout camp. He can shoot the ball and showed good court vision and awareness. Ballou's camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Connor can really shoot the ball. He has a great IQ and knows (and plays) his role within any team concept.'

#37 Jalen Huntley
Huntley came in with a great attitude and gave max effort throughout camp. He is a team first guy, with a developing skill set on the court. Huntley's camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Jalen is a good mid-range shooter. He also understands and continues to play team basketball.'

#50 5'5' Jack Carter
Carter gave great effort, throughout camp, on both ends of the floor. He showed to be a true sharp-shooter in set up, footwork, and release. Carter's camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Jack is a great shooter with exceptional range. It's rare to see a great shooter play both ends of the floor, Jack does.'

#65 5'7' Joshua Stadford
Stadford is a versatile player who has a great attitude toward the game. He showed skills both in the paint and on the perimeter with touch, footwork, and handle. Stadford's camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Joshua can move without the ball, run the floor, has a great mid-range game, and is a great defender. Not sure where he came from, but I expect him to quickly make a name for himself.'

#77 5'8' Jay Hickman
Hickman is a high motor, tough player. He showed the ability to run the floor, handle, and score from multiple angles on the floor. Hickman's camp coach Bronal Gary stated, 'Jay is an absolute beast in every aspect of the game. He is very aggressive.'