Team 7

Coach Hodges

Michael Henderson (#4, Guard)

'Michael is a quick crafty point guard. He got to the basket with ease all day long. Michael passes the ball well, especially in transition. His effort was outstanding in all three games. One of Michael's best attributes is his ability to penetrate. He makes good decision when he gets into the lane but his best attribute is that he didn't back down from any challenges. His a mentally tough guard.'

Areas of Excellence: effort, shooting of the dribble, release time, penetration ability, ball handling, quickness, vision and court sense, passing skills, use of off hand

Charlie Keenan (#11, Guard)

'Charlie is a team first player. He plays the game so that his team has the best chance to win. Charlie is a very coachable player that accepts criticism and possesses a great attitude. He encourages his teammates throughout the day. Charlie is a good offensive player in the half court as well. Charlie needs to work on his strength and quickness going forward.'

Areas of Excellence: basketball IQ, Shooting mechanics, passing skills, moving without the ball

Troy Scarborough (#39, Guard)

'Troy is a very coachable young player with an attitude that will help him to become a very good player. He is a team before self type of player who really wanted to win. Troy played smart off the ball defense all day. He did the dirty work for the team. He ran down loose balls to save the team possessions. Troy needs to work on his strength going forward.'

Areas of Excellence: Acceptance of criticism, team play, defense off the ball, moving with the ball

Avery Wade (#46, Guard)

'Avery is a team player who makes winning plays. Avery has a high basketball IQ and moves really well without the ball. Avery is a solid three point shooter, especially off the catch. Avery isn't a flashy passer but doesn't turn the ball over and always hits the open man. To sum it up, he makes winning plays on both ends of the court. He was key to our success all day.'

Areas of Excellence: attitude, effort, team play, range of shot, catch and shoot, passing skills, defense off the ball, moving with the ball, rebounding

Devin Brafford (#61, Guard)

'Devin has a great attitude and approach to the game. He plays very unselfishly and just tries to do the right thing. Devin shoots off the catch well. He plays good off the ball defense as well and gets back in transition. He shows great effort. Devin will need to work on his quickness and strength going forward.'

Areas of Excellence: effort, attitude, defense off the ball, transition defense

Jalen Breazeale (#62, Guard)

'Jalen shows great leadership on the court. He leads by example and with his voice. He keeps all his teammates involved despite their ability. He has a desire to win and makes everyone else better. Jalen has great open court speed and great quickness getting to the rim. He made winning plays all day. I would take Jalen on my team any time. Fun to watch.'

Areas of Excellence: effort, basketball IQ, attitude, team play, penetration ability, quickness, defense on and off the ball, vision and court sense, range of shot, release time, shooting mechanics.

Austin Triplette (#74, Wing)

'Austin is a heady player. He moves well without the ball in the half court and he gets out and runs in transition. Austin has a great attitude and listens to coaching and is always engaged. He shoots the three pointer well and gives tremendous effort. He is a good defender off the ball and rebounds well. His next step is to improve his quickness and mid-range game.'

Areas of Excellence: team player, effort, basketball IQ, range of shot, catch and shot, defense, vision and court sense, rebounding, moving with the ball

Hayden McClure (#87, Wing)

'Hayden has a great motor. He plays each possession the way you should like it the last. His effort is constant. Hayden puts the team first and winning first. He made play after play all day long on both ends of the court. He gets stops defensively to give his team more chances. He moves well without the ball and really understands how to play. Love his attitude and effort.'

Areas of Excellence: effort, team play, ability to finish, transition defense, quickness, footwork, rebounding, moving with the ball

Quincy Pugh (#106, Forward)

'Quincy is a very solid young post player. He has great footwork inside and knows how to put the ball in the basket. He is a true team player. He doesn't back away from anything and will even guard the opposing team's point guard. Quincy made game winning plays all day long. He is also a vocal leader, keeping his teammates positive. He also made the game winning bucket in game 3.'

Areas of Excellence: attitude, team play, back to the basket moves, use of off hand, range of shot, defense, footwork, rebounding, ability to finish.