No. 5 4'10 '23 Michael Dipasquale (Cary, NC)

Michael was one of the youngest players in attendance, but played like a much older player. He is very energetic and showcased outstanding leadership for his age/grade. He was very vocal throughout camp and took charge of his team. The next step in his development is to work on his off hand and be more conscious of his shot selection, which will come with age and maturity. That being said, Michael is a really good PG that makes the right plays and sees the court extremely well.


No. 6 4'10 '22 Jackson Hartzell (Summerfield, NC)

Jackson was a productive player and outstanding shooter for the entire day. He made big shots in clutch situations. More imporatnly, Jackson played with tremendous heart and tenacity throughout camp. In addition, Jackson is a solid team player and understands the value of the playing together. The next step in his development is to improve his lateral quickness and improve on his defensive liabilities.


No. 20 5'1 '24 Ashton King (Wendell, NC)

We were really impressed with the skill set for his age/grade. He's a good all around player and demonstrated a good work ethic and attitude throughout the day. He has good handles and showed the willingness to work hard on the defensive end of the court. As with many young players, he will need to continue to work on his off hand and be more aggressive on the defensive side of the ball.


No. 21 5'1 '22 Malachi Cooper (Columbia, SC)

Malachi played with constant energy and displayed a tough mind. He definitely leaves it on the floor with his effort and demonstrated a solid attitude throughout camp. As with many young players, he is still developing his skill set and understanding of playing within the team structure. That being said, Malachi brings the right approach to each and every game.


No. 39 5'4 '22 Brandon Nelson (Charlotte, NC)

Brandon improved with each camp game and once he felt confident with his teammates, his level of play elevated too. We really liked his court vision and ability to shoot the perimeter shot especially the 3-pointer. In addition, he attacked the rim and finished with efficiency. The next step in his development is to work on his on the ball defense.


No. 44 5'4 '21 AJ Thompson (Rock Hill, SC)

AJ impressed us from the first game with his ability to see the court and make timely passes to his teammates. He was one of the more unselfish guards in attendance and made his teammates better. In addition, he scored when needed but really looked to make the extra pass. Overall, he did a splendid job of running the offense and controlling the tempo. The next step in his development is to work on his help side defense.


No. 47 5'4 '20 Jaylen Walker (Charlotte, NC)

Jaylen is a quick on quick guard that has the ability to finish over bigger players. He was a relentless scorer and attacked the rim at every opportunity. He is simply wired to score and his aggressive play on both ends of the court was impressive. In addition, Jayen has excellent anticipation and rebounds extremely well for his size. The next step in his development is to be more consistent with his defensive effort and not take plays off. He has the ability to become a quality defensive player.


No. 68 5'8 '23 Ra'Shaun Robinson (Durham, NC)

When it came to having a great attitude, Ra'Shaun definitely had one of the best attitudes on his team and in the entire camp. No matter the score or possession, Ra'Shaun continued to work hard on defense as well as offense. The southpaw has good hands and is very crafty around the rim. We were impressed with his on ball defense as well as his help side defense. The next step in his development is to work on his weak/off hand.


No. 71 5'8 '21 Clay 'Smoke' Hodges (Hiddnitte, NC)

Smoke was the ultimate team player. He has a good knowledge of the game and plays with a high basketball IQ. We were impressed with his skill set and feel for the game. He does many things well on the court and moved well without the ball. In addition, Smoke shot the ball extremely well for the camp and ran the floor well. More importantly, he understands spacing and angles and was a willing passer, which resulted in him, being one of the more enjoyable players to watch.


No. 74 5'8 '21 Kellen Vestal (Greensboro, NC)

Kellen is a long athletic player with long-range potential. For his size/grade, he has good quickness, but yet is still somewhat raw offensively, which is normal for younger players. Kellen was very active on the boards and rebounded at a high rate. Once he develops more physical strength, his confidence will grow along with improvements to his offensive game. The ingredients are there to become a solid player at the high school level.


No. 100 5'11 '21 Donte Evans-Oliver (Rock Hill, SC)

Donte was a physical force and was one of the more productive players in camp. He rebounded well and was always around the ball. We were impressed with his attitude and ability to play hard. For the most part, Donte is still learning the game and needs to take advantage of matchups that he can dominate. The next step in his development is to be more active when the ball is not in hands and move more without the ball.