Day two featured the Junior Phenom players and they did not disappoint. It was another day chocked full of up-and-coming talent with players 11 years old and up. It will be fun to follow a lot of these players as they enter their high school careers. Here are the top 5 players from the Junior Phenom/ Phenom 150 that stood out to me.

Cam’ren Reyes 5’10 2025 North Garner Middle School

Reyes displayed a great transition game with a strong dribble/drive to the basket. He has a strong sense of the game and what needs to be done when he is on the floor. He is the type of player that wants the ball in his hands when his team needs points.

J.J. Sati-Grier 4’9 2027 Lake Norman Christian School

Sati-Greer was very impressive the entire day on Sunday. I first noticed him during team station drills where he was always clapping his teammates up and cheering them on. He always had a smile on his face and worked just as hard. Then on the court he displayed a high basketball IQ and hustle that was unmatched. He has great passing skills that could become elite as he gets older and improves. He had a good move to the basket and his ball handling skills were great as well.

Jerron Blackwell 5’10 2025 Guilford Prep Academy

Blackwell was the floor general when he was on the court. He made plays consistently and used his size and strength to be aggressive on the block. He is a versatile player that can hit the outside shot. He is a strong defender as well.

Omare Price 6’5 2022 Albemarle High School

Price is an athletic player that has a calm demeanor on the court. He is very effective when he is out there and he has one of the better mid-range jumpers I have seen lately. He is intelligent and makes the right plays.

Lybrant (LJ) Rush Jr. 5’8 2025 Wendell Middle School

Rush is going to be one to watch in the 2025 class. He won the camp MVP on Sunday and although I don’t know the vote totals, it had to be close to unanimous. In his second game of the day he scored 27 points and had 5 blocks. He did it all on the court, transition, passing, defense, perimeter shooting. He is an all-around talent. He led his team to a championship win in bracket play after losing each of the other games by quite a bit. His teammates fed off of his energy and seemingly gained confidence as the day went on. He is an unselfish player who made sure that he found the open man if teams tried to double-team him.