#144 Elijah Gray 5'10 Charlotte NC Community House 2022

Elijah Gray is very talented he got a lot of high remarks on his performance. Has great height to be in middle school as a 7th grader. He's a very good shot maker that range extends all the out to the three-point line. He has great mechanics on his shot. What makes him unique is the fact the he has the ability to take you off the dribble to the basket where he knows how to finish or create space where can use his mid-range game. He is a great defender that can defend on or off the ball with his athleticism. Coach Farris on Elijah Gray: 'Elijah is an athletic player who is growing into his new frame. Ones he is in basketball shape and off the football field, he will dominate games. He has good basketball IQ and listens well. He has great ball handling skills and instincts to finish when taking the ball to the rack. Good on ball defense but needs to work on his off ball defense to help his other teammates. Overall good attitude and team play.'

#62 Nasia Murrell 5'3 Charlotte NC Kennedy Middle

This player caused havoc to every team he played against at camp. Nasia is a very quick player with a high IQ. On defense he can really defend: He's can defend on and off the ball. He is also good in transition defense with his anticipation skills where his athleticism bother teams and forced turnovers. On offense he is so smooth; He knows how to lead a team. Understands ball movement and how cutting hard could lead to other scoring opportunities for other teammates. Coach Farris on Elijah Gray: Nasia brings a solid game. He follows directions listens well and is very coachable. His defense is his strongest asset. He plays good defense on and off the ball. Good court vision and passes the ball with accuracy in motion. He showed good leadership and communication on the court. Good jumps hot from 15 feet. With his quickness he can penetrate and get to the basket at will.' Born leader very intrigued to see how this prospect develops.

#58 JJ Thompson 5'3 Hillsborough NC The Burlington School 2022

JJ Thompson is a tough guard with a high basketball IQ. He plays hard on both sides of the ball. He has a tight handle that helps him get to the basket. Likes to set defenders up with a nice in and out dribble and runs downhill for great finishes around the basket. Shoots the ball pretty well from the outside but could use some time in the gym to work on his off dribble shooting. Coach Farris on Nasia Murrell: 'JJ plays with great effort. He has good court vision, passes well and exhibits good basketball IQ. With more development he will be a solid guard. He plays hard defense and never lets off the gas. He shoots it well from 15 feet. I like his attitude and his demeanor on the court.' Young player with the skill set to be really good in the near future.

#107 Jacob German 5'6 Charlotte NC Community House 2022

Jacob German has great size for a 7th grade basketball player. He has really good moves for his age. He has very good ball handling ability which allows him to penetrate and get to the basket to make plays. He's a great finisher that can use either hand to finish at the rim. His offensive skills are a head of his defensive skills at the moment even those has some good skills on the defensive side. He is able to use his quickness and athleticism to make plays and keep players in front of him. Would like to see him improve with his communication with the players on defense side of the ball. He's a really good team player. Coach Farris on Jacob German: '

#141 JD Ratliff 5'9 Spartanburg, SC McCracken MS 2021

JD Ratliff has an advance pull up jumper his age. He has a great attitude and feel the game. Got better as the day went along. He's a guard that needs the ball in his hand at this point. Good ball handling skills has the ability to break down defenders off the dribble. Needs to work on moving without the ball in his hands. Coach Farris on JD Ratliff: 'JD really came out his shell in the second game. He bought in to the offense and made great court decisions passing the ball. He had several assist and scored from all sides of the court. He listens, plays hard defense and is coachable. At first he was quiet, but as the game progressed his game opened up. He has a good basketball IQ and plays with great effort.'

#104 Zane Cogdell 5'6 Morrisville, NC Davis Drive MS 2022

Great guard with a very high IQ. He is very athletic with really good size for a middle school guard. He gives great effort. His best offensive weapon is the dribble pull which is very surprising for this players age. Coach Farris on Zane Cogdell: 'Zane plays much tall than 5'6. He is active. Athletic and plays great defense. His court vision is special. He continually made laser passes in traffic. He can drive from all sides of the basket. He displayed good court leadership and helped the players adjust on the court. He is quick and dynamic. With his physical development he will be a quite an impact guard!'

#180 Trenton Winningham 6'0 Spartanburg SC McCrachen MS 2021

This was one of the bet players at camp this weekend from the whispers from many coaches. He has the size and the length to very good. He also has a high IQ. He made a lot of plays and made everyone on his team better. His energy was contagious. He's ability to penetrate and get the ball to open teammates was exception. Coach Farris loved coaching this kid and this is what he had to say: 'This kid is special. He is long and quick with exceptional ability to finish at the basket. He has great court vison, passes accurately in traffic and shares the ball. He can score from all over the court but his strength maybe driving to the basket. He listens, follows directions and is a great team player.' I can't wait to watch this kid's development looking forward to seeing him back at Phenom.

#176 Landon Eford Greensboro NC Northwest Guilford MS 2021

Landon has a great frame for his position that he will grow in nicely in the next couple of years. He has a very high IQ and he's a very good shooter for his age. He shoots it well all the way out to the three-point line. At this point of his game he's shoot the ball better off the pass. He needs to work on his ball handling skills so he is able to create more plays for him and his teammates. Coach Farris on Landon Eford: 'Landon is a guard in a big frame. He grew five inches from last year. H rebounds, passes and handles to ball well. I like his attitude and desire to get better. He needs to continue to develop his footwork and he will surprise defenders with his quickness. He plays hard defense and often ends up blocking shots. He is coachable and plays team basketball.' Player will be a nice sized guard for his high school. Looking forward to seeing how he develops.