March 5 Junior Phenom Standouts


#10 from team #10 Casian Richard. 4’11 class 2023 'From Winston Salem NC.

A 4’11 spark plug with continue with energy to coin the phrase good things come in small packages is an understatement we review this kid small and quick not long but lethal. With great handles and a lightning quick crossover. Richard got it done on both ends of the floor as he play defense with a passion. 'Turning his opponents over time after time. 'Yes he is young with a good fundamental foundation this kid makes our one to watch list.


#77 from team #3 Jefferson Boaz '6’5 class 2020 Pilot Mountain NC.

Most impressed with this kids knowledge of the game. 'A play maker 1-2 combo guard. That sees the floor anticipates and plays one play I hit very unselfish even though he had the ability to score anytime he wanted to. Great off the dribbleable to get to the basket a nice stop and pop jumper from 15 feet out any skilled passer from anywhere around the perimeter. 'AAU coaches if you’re looking to run a four out, one in offense. And put for athletics scoring type guards on the floor this is the kid you’re looking for megs everyone on his team better.


#80 from team #5 Dallan Wright 5’8 class of 2020 from West Columbia SC.

Complete that’s how we describe this young man complete. 'Excellent ball handler, seize the floor, runs the floor, has excellent shooting range out to 20 feet, makes good decisions with the ball, outstanding rebounder, excellent floor general. 'And was very coachable always locked in with the eyes when the coaches were coaching him. 'Coaches make a note this kid is sure to be one of the top players coming out of South Carolina in 2020.


#128 from team #6 Jordan Williams 6’3 from Greensboro NC.

Was a man playing among boys. There is no doubt that this young man could’ve returned'on Sunday'and play with the 9th 10th and 11th graders. 'Nice size with a long solid build. 'Text book skills and inability to read the floor from the fort spot give him an itch and he will take a mile. Play him to close and he will blow by you like you’re standing still with your feet glued to the floor. 'Has the ability to post up but at the same time is effective on the move and off the cut. 'Kicks the ball high and finishes quickly in traffic. 'Does a sound job on the boards. Now coaches some things he will have to work on his ball handling once he advances to a higher level his handles will have to get tighter consistency on his jumpshot something you can always work on. 'But for right now this kids only challenge will be to keep advancing his game because it is a beautiful thing to watch.


#24 from team #8 Montraivis White 5’2 class of 2023 Jenkinsville SC.

Montraivis is a Athletic fitness player he executes the intangibles, coaches like to call this type of guy egg glue player with court awareness he is always an offense of threat out to the arc. 'Right now his game lacks consistency and some areas. 'But this is a young kid he got out in transition and ran the floor he look good on defense and with time he’s only going to get better very high motor and plays the game from baseline to baseline something you don’t always see a kid do in showcase events one to watch.


#41 from team #12 Jacob Newman 5’4 class of 2022 from Charlotte NC.

Ultra athletic combo guard, good handles, gets to the basket and finishes in transition, consistently attacks, elevate on his mid range jump shot and has great court vision for such a young age.