Each and every weekend at Phenom Hoops, it provides our scouts, coaches, and fans to look at some of the next upcoming talents but it also provides a platform for players who haven’t received the attention they deserve to shine.

At the Phenom Stay Positive, players took advantage of the platform but it is rare that a whole team has talent that should be tracking on so many levels for college coaches.  That is what the Juice All-Stars 17u provided.

This is a team that brings such a unique blend of talent on D1, D2, and D3 levels, along with length, height, and skillset.

The Juice All-Stars showcased their talent at the Phenom Stay Positive and should be a prime target for coaches of all levels to watch.  Here is a breakdown of the players that impressed.

2020 6’10 Kharye Cayne

Even though some may say he still has room to grow, sign us up on potential and what he does best; rim protection.  He has incredible length and knows how to use it, blocking shots, rebounding, and just being a true threat to disrupt opponents.  Cayne has the ability to run the floor, as he covers a ton of ground and gets to his spots.

2020 6’6 Saiquone Harris

Watching his game, he should already have mid-majors looking at him.  He brings length, skillset, intrigue, and showcased that there still is room to grow.  Harris can play multiple positions on the floor, can put the ball on the floor and score inside and out, and brings versatility to court.  Loved his ability to rebound and push the offense in transition, taking it coast-to-coast at times.  He worked better at getting inside and using his length at the rim, as he could continue to work on his 3-point shot.  But it is there.

2019 6’7 Tay Williams

Williams is another prospect that coaches should be looking at.  He is an athletic forward that runs the floor very well from end to end.  He finished with power and battled all throughout the paint; played strong down low.  He is a floor running big that can play multiple ways for an offense.

2020 6’6 Christopher Nobles

Nobles is a combo guard that is wired to score, as he displayed that in multiple ways.  He wasn’t afraid to put the ball on the floor and take his defender one-on-one.  He also showcased the ability to get out and run.  He brings a nice array of size, range, and plays above the rim.

2020 6’4 AJ Thompson

Absolutely loved Thompson’s feel as a lead PG.  Not only does he stand at 6’4 and uses that to his advantage, but he also plays hard and looking to prove that he is better than his opponents.  Whether it was pushing the ball in transition and scoring, taking defenders one-on-one with his pull-up game, or even finding his teammates, Thompson does it all. He has great instincts and can do a little bit of everything.

2020 6’0 Jase Ford

Ford is an overall solid guard that plays strong with the ball in his hands.  As one of our scouts said, he is a guy that just makes positive plays and should be earning some attention.

2020 6’2 Amari Thomas

Another solid, tough guard that played well off the ball and in transition.  Showcased solid bounce to his game and plays with that mental toughness.

2021 6’2 Eric Shadoan

Keep an eye on this young man as he continues to develop his overall game.  When speaking with one of his coaches, he said that he is one of the better outside shooters for this team.