The Juice All-Stars have always done an excellent job of assembling a talented roster without necessarily needing the draw of a shoe-circuit program and this year's team is no different. College coaches should start laying groundwork here, as this team has an abundance of prospects that already look prepared for the next level. They grinded through a relatively difficult journey to reach the championship, but consistently showed their ability to rise to the occasion. In the final contest, Juice All-Stars found themselves in an absolute dog fight, but maintained the grit and unselfishness that got them there. Kharye Cayne was easily the most dominant rim-protector on display throughout the weekend and accumulated nearly a dozen blocked shots in the championship. Saiquone Harris and Tay Williams both showcased high-level skillsets, especially for their size, and should each hold multiple scholarship offers. AJ Thompson also displayed an intriguing array of skills and highlighted his ability to generate offense from anywhere on the floor. That being said, guys like Jase Ford, Chris Nobles, and Lexuus Fasce were also quite integral during the final game of Phenom Stay Positive, which helped Juice All-Stars win by a score of 69-64 over New Light Disciples.

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