What a camp it was at the Phenom Middle School Elite Camp, as Phenom Hoops had over 80 players come and compete and introduce themselves to our platform. We will be writing a lot about several players at the event in what we saw, as these names will certainly be ones to jot down and monitor.

2029 Deron-James Brown is a young player who was able to capture our eyes with his play, excelling in several areas on the court for a player of his age. Brown displayed a natural feel on the court, especially in leading the charge with the ball in his hands.  He plays with his head up, sees the floor really well, can make plays off the bounce and penetrate the defense, reads the defense, and shows a true ability to score in a variety of ways.  He plays with tremendous confidence and energy, whether it is on offense or defense.  Here is more about his game from his evaluation:

“Starting things off, we look at a young player that really opened many eyes to his game and potential down the road.  Brown is a quick, shifty guard who was able to display a solid overall feel, especially in creating off the bounce, getting inside the paint, and finding ways to be an effective scorer inside for himself or setting others up.  Brown though mixed it up well with his game, not only creating but knocking down shots from outside.  Offensively, he was at his best when he was able to penetrate the defense as well as showing tremendous energy on the defensive end. The next phase of his game that we are excited to see develop is continuing to work on his decision-making, playing off two feet, and continuing to add more to his game. Brown has a bright future at a young age, and he played consistently throughout the camp.”

Brown is a young player to jot down and keep track of in the coming years, as we were really impressed with what we saw at the camp.