What a camp it was at the Phenom Middle School Elite Camp, as Phenom Hoops had over 80 players come and compete, as well as introduce themselves to our platform. We will be writing a lot about several players at the event in what we saw, as these names will certainly be ones to jot down and monitor.

Another young player that grabbed my attention is a name that I’m eager to see develop with his game is 2028 5’9 Brayden Horne from the Albemarle area. Horne came out strong throughout the entire camp and was one that brought a lot of production to the court. Whether he was scoring, rebounding, playing hard defensively, finding teammates, or just competing, Horne simply made plays all over for his team.

You don’t always see young players compete and make an impact in so many ways on the court, especially at his age. But he was able to score inside and finish around the basket, make strong moves off the dribble and get out in transition, attack the glass to create second-chance opportunities, was excellent in making unselfish plays for his teammates, and played hard on both ends. Really active and caught the attention of scouts at the camp. He, along with several other names, really put themselves on our radar at the Phenom Hoops map at the Phenom Middle School Elite Camp.

What Was Said:

“5’9 2028 Brayden Horne played a complete game. Provided a steady presence on the defensive end, active in help & rebounded well. Offensively, made the right play. Looked for teammates up the floor. Finished strong at the end of drives & around the rim. #PhenomMSElite”

“5’9 2028 Brayden Horne: Unselfish, physical guard. Pressured the ball defensively. Active hands. Rebounded well for size/position. Made plays easier for his teammates. Finished through contact.”