What a camp it was at the Phenom Middle School Elite Camp, as Phenom Hoops had over 80 players come and compete, as well as introduce themselves to our platform. We will be writing a lot about several players at the event in what we saw, as these names will certainly be ones to jot down and monitor.

One player that grabbed my attention early on was 2028 6’1 Nick Brooks III. Brooks checked some early boxes off that grab your attention; good length and size early on, along with early athleticism. Coming right out of the gate at the camp, Brooks really displayed tremendous playmaking ability with the ball in his hands. He excelled in attacking in transition and defense, making strong quick moves to get by defenders, and attacking the rim.  Time after time, he was able to get around defenders with decisive moves and find ways to finish with touch. Brooks brings a unique blend of length, speed, and creative ability to the court as he was hard to slow down time after time, while also making an impact on the defensive end in pressuring the ball. 

He is one of several players that impressed and should be a name to jot down in the coming years here in North Carolina, as we are eager to see how he develops.

What Was Said:

“6’1 2028 Nick Brooks III was dominant in Game 1. Impacted all areas of the game. Extremely active on the defensive end, pressuring the ball & protecting the rim. Athletic. Attacks the rim strong. Finishes with either hand at the rim. Creates well off the bounce. #PhenomMSElite”

“2028 6’1 Nick Brooks III will be a name to watch out for. He is long and agile, excellent out in transition, crafty in creating for himself, and showing to be an early playmaker on the court. Eager to see how he grows and develops down the road. #PhenomMSElite”