6’4 Jordan Simpson, “A Team Player” 

Jordan Simpson has already enjoyed tremendous success. As a rising junior, Simpson has collected offers from North Carolina A&T, South Carolina State, Claflin, Miles and Denmark Tech. He is also getting interest from the College of Charleston, Nicholls State, Wake Forest and Winthrop. He participated in the prestigious SC Top 80 last September and had a banner sophomore season for Orangeburg-Wilkinson. Simpson averaged 16.5 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 4.3 APG and even 2.3 SPG. In addition, he maintained a 3.1 GPA. 

Known for being one of the better pure shooters in the state, we got a chance to watch him up close again at the Savage Academy “Open Run” in Columbia, South Carolina. While most open runs are geared to playmaking guards that can dominate the ball, Simpson is a silky smooth and fluid wing that plays well within the structure of the game. He moves well without the ball and takes good shots, none forced or manufactured. That being said, we came away more impressed with his positive body language and being a quality team player “on and off the court.” 

Simpson is also the type of player that is happy for the success of others. He’s a team player, whether it is congratulating a player on a good play or supporting a teammate when they get a scholarship or praise on social media. More importantly, Simpson is a good-hearted person. After we travelled to Savage Academy to cover the “Open Run,” Simpson texted us stating, “Thanks for coming tonight! We ALL appreciate the coverage.”  Pretty simple statement, but one that really made a lasting impression. After reading that I noticed Simpson has a habit of thanking people especially on social media. While Simpson has a bright future as a basketball player, we came away even more impressed with Simpson the person. He’s “A Team Player.”