By: Sheyanne Johnsen

Mid-State Magic Sports 15U

Mid-State Magic finished the JMAC Showcase strong because of the solid players who all flowed together to help them win. 5’11 2022 Jerec Thompson is a standout player for this team as he is a slick shooter. Jerec has a strong knowledge of his shooting ability, which leads to him being one of the top scorers each game. Against Manzer-Martin, Jerec shot lights out totaling 43 points. Thompson is a player to keep an eye on as he holds key shooting skills and still has time to grow before next level. Another spotlight player was 6’0 2022 Cameron Lutterloh who deeply assisted his team in winning. Lutterloh is an offensive play where he understands that “shooters shoot”, so he shoots and banks it. Throughout the days, Lutterloh was a prominent player in scoring and helping his team. Mid-State Magic has other key players that coaches should keep an eye on as thus team could be scary this summer.

Foothills Legacy 15U

This team lit up scoring over the weekend at the JMAC Showcase. Two key players influenced the dynamics of the team tremendously. 6’6 Trey Ramsey already has the height and can shoot making him a dominant player. He assisted his fellow teammates along with scoring for himself to win MVP games. 5’9 2022 Evan Presnell is the other key player to bring the Legacy to victory. He ran the court and has strong ball IQ along with a shot that allowed him to have a 21-point game. Both of these players along with others for the Legacy will allow them to continue winning in future tournaments.

Carolina Kings 14U

The Kings came into the JMAC Showcase ready to play ball with several players who have max potential. 5’8 2023 Jordan Frazer stood out to me as a necessity team player for the Kings. Frazer hustled the entirety and cheered on his team while he was still swishing shots. Each game, Frazer was quick to climb the scoring board and won MVP for multiple games. In the coming years, Jordan Frazer will be a name to know as he can already shot, so with more ball matureness and height he could be a real problem for some teams. The Kings overall had a very solid team.

Team Truth 12U

During the JMAC Showcase, Team Truth proved their spot. The team as a whole had chemistry along with several boys who could shot. Christian McNeil was a highlight player as he shot smartly and efficiently. McNeil won a well-deserved MVP title where he was the main influencer for Truth as they took on LKN 1. Caleb Kidd was another game changer for the Truth as he assisted several of his teammates in points and had a couple of buckets himself. Team Truth has potential across the board with several players who already know how to play ball, so they can only advance.