Jeremiah jumps off the page athletically! 'He is explosive and agile, brings great energy and quickness on both ends of the floor from opening tap to final buzzer regardless of the situation. 'He possesses'creative scoring instincts and playmaking skills'and is able to transition'easily'from primary ball handler'to scoring off the ball. 'As a lead guard'he uses his tight handle and blow by quickness to get into the paint, draw defenders and find the open man with the pass.''He uses the jump pass so effectively drawing defenders to him thus freeing up cutters to the rim. 'He has excellent vision and understands how to use his dribble to create shot opportunities for teammates. 'Jeremiah'is a dynamic playmaker off the ball as well,'excellent playing off of close outs.''His explosive acceleration and long,'rangy strides allows him to beat most defenders where he has a fearless mentality attacking the rim. 'He is adept at blowing by his man and abruptly pulling up to shoot the mid range jumper where he gets great uplift accompanied by a high release on the jumper making it nearly impossible to block. 'He can also attack taller defenders with the floater.''He has good body control,'plays with a lot of creativity and craftiness.' Jeremiah gets where he wants'to'off the dribble and breaks down defenses efficiently.''He uses hop steps to get to the middle of the floor'and is so powerful he creates a lot of distance instantaneously with'the hop'step move. 'He also uses it to split defenders'and'avoid traps.'He'possesses'swift footwork in traffic'making it difficult for defenders to contain him even when shrinking the floor. 'He can score from multiple'levels and angles'on the floor'and is a very good midrange scorer,'capable of'getting'to his spots'at will.'His speed and agility with the ball in his hands'opens up so many opportunities for him and he has the skill to capitalize. 'His ability to be quick, then'abruptly put on the breaks, change directions and use stop and start moves effortlessly makes him especially effective in traffic.'He'has'the ability to avoid traps and break a press by himself'and'is simply brilliant'in transition. 'Jeremiah'is'light on his feet, loves to push in transition and has no problem finding his way to the rim where he's a creative'and aggressive'finisher.'Jeremiah'is an elite level'defender especially on the ball'where he'can rip good ball handlers in one on one situations'or stifle opposing guards.''He combines'quick hands and'feet,'long arms, exceptional lateral quickness and great instincts to'make plays all over the floor.'He'has'great anticipation'and reaction'in the passing lanes'and makes it difficult for opponents to run what they want to run, a disrupter!'Jeremiah is a next level prospect with all the tools and intangibles to have long term success on the basketball court. 'College coaches should add him to their watch list!