Player Profile: 6'7 '19 Ishan White (Berkley High School/TMP Elite)

There's an abundance of basketball talent in the Carolinas, but Ishan White still remains a relatively unknown prospect within the Southeast pipeline. If he were to relocate in Georgia, White would likely emerge as one of the top overall prospects in the state'something we've seen occur in the past. That being said, the versatile forward has garnered interest and offers from a variety of Division I programs. His offers include Charleston Southern, NC A&T, Oklahoma State, Presbyterian, Stetson, South Carolina State, and Winthrop. Realistically, White could play at any of those schools and find success. Yet somehow, prior to April, the combo-forward hadn't received any scholarships.


In terms of his on-court abilities, White is quite unique and could be an integral two-way asset at the next level. His versatility is fairly uncommon; he's able to defend two or three positions comfortably in high school and should continue toggling between forward spots in college. At 6-foot-7, White certainly has the necessary frame and size to apply pressure on both ends of the floor. Though he's a pretty well-rounded player, White's motor unsurprisingly remains his strongest attribute. He sprints from one possession to the next and never has a lapse in effort, especially when pursuing rebounds and loose balls. Offensively, he consistently looks to mix it up. White has the ability to operate beyond the three-point arc, where he can spot-up or rip-through and get downhill, or take smaller opponents to the low block. Those are all efficient and reliable scoring avenues for White, but his ability to move without the ball and punish opponents in the midrange area cannot be overstated. In transition, he's a player that most guys try to avoid, due to his mind-boggling explosion and rapid second bounce. His leaping ability from a standstill and off one step are both truly excellent. White is relentless and while his play style might be somewhat unorthodox in today's current basketball age, that's part of what makes him so special. He's strong, smart, athletic, and capable, so it's difficult to place a limit on his ceiling, especially if he were to play at an up-tempo college program. Few players can match White's two-way versatility, which is a prime reason why his recruitment should continue trending upward.