Last week I had the opportunity to check out Mount Pleasant as they hosted Jay M Robinson and Jay M Robinson got the upset win by the score of 69-59.  There was a lot of talent on the court on both sides and both teams should have college coaches of all levels rolling through the gym as the season progresses.  Let’s take a look at some of the standouts!

6’2 2020 Devante Patterson: Jay M Robinson (22 Points)

Patterson was simply feeling it from the perimeter in this one, knocking down jumper after jumper and stretching the size of Mount Pleasant out to the perimeter.  He was their entire offense as the game started, opening up the court for the rest of his teammates, eventually knocking down timely shots in the closing moments.  He showed his capabilities as a scholarship level player that should have coaches watching closely through the rest of the season and into AAU.  If he continues this level of production he has a real chance at making an all conference team as well.

6’3 2020 Justin Boeteng: Jay M Robinson (11 Points)

Boeteng showcased his versatility last Friday with his ability to do a multitude of things for your team on both ends of the court.  He scored it from all three levels, initiated offense, and guarded guys ranging from 5’11 to 6’8 at a high level.  He didn’t have a great night from the charity stripe but he made up for it with his ability to get extra possessions for his team on the glass.  He’s another one that should have scholarship coaches intrigued with his abilities.

6’8 2021 Hunter Sloop: Mount Pleasant (10 Points)

Sloop is one of the more intriguing prospects in the 2021 class with his ability to score it from anywhere and play on the ball at 6’8.  He still has some fine tuning to his game that will make him more efficient with his touches, but there is sooooo much to like with what he brings to the table on a nightly basis.  Defensively he has excellent anticipation when it comes to blocking shots and as his decision making on that end improves it will go a long way, he has a chance to be one of the best players in this class if he continues to work.  A bonafide D1 prospect that should have a high school career to remember.

6’7 2022 Shane Fernald: Mount Pleasant (13 Points)

Shane Fernald might be the most interesting player in North Carolina’s 2022 class and that’s saying something.  A 6’7 position-less player that plays with a crazy level of energy, capable of running your team, throwing no look passes, crossing defenders up, and getting the crowd roaring is always a fun guy to watch.  He still has things to work on, his jumper needs some fine tuning, he gets excited and tries to go for the big play when there might be an easier play right there for him, but he’s still incredibly advanced at this point in his basketball career.  He’s a favorite among teammates with his energy and willingness to do the dirty work when necessary.  It wasn’t enough to come away with a win tonight, but he’s going to make some serious noise before his career is all said and done.