#60 6’1″ 2021 Lawrence Thomas
North Gaston HS (Gastonia, NC)

Welcome to the conversation Lawrence. The lefty lead guard has great feel for the game, showcasing the ability to seamlessly play both on or off the ball. He has a jet-quick first step, routinely playing in the paint, and once there he made great decisions between a kick-out, rim attack or pull-up. 2021 is a loaded up class for guards in North Carolina and Thomas has earned his way into that conversation.


#94 6’7″ 2020 Colin Wilson
Burlington Christian (Burlington, NC)

This was our first real viewing of Wilson and each person on staff walked away impressed. Wilson really proved to be a true inside-outside threat offensively. On the block, he showcased great footwork and touch to go over both shoulders. Extending out, facing up, Wilson showed the ability to put the ball on the floor from the wing or knock down an 18 foot pick/pop jump shot. He even was able to initiate some offense, especially on a reset or as a trail big. Wilson is a definite college player and with his size and skill set is someone colleges should be taking a look at. Wilson was awarded the camp’s Mr. Station award


#49 6’1 2021 Spencer Pope
West Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)

Pope was smooth, it was that easy to describe his game. His game first stands out as you look at the score sheet and see he knocked down about 3 threes per half. When you key in on him, you then notice his handle and the pace in which he plays. The 3-dribble rule did not phase him, he moved well off the ball, and he dribbled with a purpose. Only a sophomore, it will be interesting to watch him moving forward as his game is very translatable.


#98 6’6″ 2020 Nick Farrar
Apex Friendship (Apex, NC)

Farrar was a brute the entire day. Physically bigger and stronger than most, Farrar was able to bully his way to the rim and in the post. However, what really set him apart was his ball skills, explosion and shooting ability. Farrar was able to initiate offense for himself from the wing. He showcased his athleticism with some back door lobs and generally playing above the rim. He showcased his shooting ability by knocking down at least 3 threes in each game. On the block, Farrar had pace and vision and he was a good defender, especially showing a knack for blocking shots. Farrar was awarded the camp’s Mr. 150 award, and is someone colleges should be looking at closely.


#32 5’11” 2021 Hamilton Campbell
Grundy HS (Vansandt, VA)

Campbell has an unbelievable feel for the game, incredibly advanced and beyond his years. He was great at setting up his teammates with seemingly having eyes in the back of his head. He has a very tight handle, getting into the paint and either kicking out or finding his cutting teammates. He immediately garnered the respect of his teammates as upon possession of the ball, they looked for him and ran the floor hard. Campbell is incredibly exciting and makes everyone on the floor around him better. He was awarded the camp’s Mr. Playmaker award.