6’9” Sadraque Nganga
High School: AZ Compass Prep (AZ) / AAU: Las Vegas Prospects

At this point, it was easy to point out Nganga as the best long term prospect in the camp. Off the initial look test, he has wide shoulders, great length and a very projectable frame. Once he steps on the floor, he runs like a gazelle and finishes with control at the rim. He showed control in pushing the break, he could get downhill in the half court set and he showed intriguing touch from range. He has all the upside you could ask for.

6’8” Perry Smith Jr
High School: North Augusta (SC) / AAU: Team United

Smith played up on Team United 15s EYBL team and showcased his ability to defend in that setting. He has great length, great feet and good athleticism, showing the ability to defend across the line up. In this setting, he showcased the ability to generate offense. Once thought of as a 3 and D type player, he has the upside of a playmaking wing who can defend. With the way basketball is trending, Smith is right on track.

6’5” MJ Rice
High School: Durham Academy (NC) / AAU: Team Wall Elite

We were able to see Rice a few times over the last couple of years in various camps and travel ball settings. He played this year on 16s and 17s for the Team Wall program and showed well. However, once he got back to playing against his age group, he was borderline dominate in the games we watched. Rice has a great pace and handle on the ball. He is an explosive athlete and got downhill to the rim. At this point, he has to be thought about as one of the top prospects in his class and we are incredible excited to watch him progress as there is still ceiling left.

6’9” Jalen Duren
High School: Roman Catholic (PA) / AAU: Team Final

Duren came into camp with a big reputation as one of the top players in the country. In these type of settings it is hard for big men to really get involved, however Duren didn’t have an issue there. He played with a motor, he rebounded the ball and he ran the floor. There were times during the day where he wouldn’t touch the ball for a couple trips down, however that did not deter him from getting up and down. He has good touch and great athleticism. He lived up to his hype among the best in the country.

6’5” Tyrell Ward
High School: Dematha Catholic (MD) / AAU: Team Durant

In today’s world of length and athleticism, Ward really stood out with his ball skills and IQ. Ward was great in transition, using his length to be able to finish. Where Ward really showed he was at another level from most in camp was with his ability in the half court. His range extended well beyond the arc, he was able to get to his spots off the bounce and he showed acumen at all three levels. The size and length pass the test, but as he continues to get stronger his skill set could put him at a different level from his peers.