6’2” Luke Stankavage
AAU: Hoop State Elite 2020
High School: Ardrey Kell

Stankavage is a pure shooter, more so than that he is a pure scorer. While playing varsity at Providence Day as an 8th grader, he missed his 9th grade season at Ardrey Kell with a knee injury. He came back for his sophomore year on a mission averaging 12 points per game and finishing the year on a tear in the playoffs with 14, 25 and 31 in his final three games. Stankavage comes from good basketball genes as his father was a 1,300 point scorer as a three year starter at Lafayette. Stankavage carried an early Western Carolina offer, many more should be on the way.

6’2” Jujuan Carr
AAU: WBC Elite 17s
High School: Wilson Prep

Carr is still a lightly known player, however he is ranked Top 15 in the class and this summer he picked up a high major offer as East Carolina extended his first. Carr is a strongly build lead guard who touches the paint at will, shoots the ball well and can finish high above the rim in traffic. Playing up on 17s, Carr showed moments of pure dominance. More offers should be on the way as he continues to become more and more comfortable being a star.

6’9” Dean Reiber
AAU: Team Loaded NC
High School: Northwest Guilford

We have been talking about Reiber as a high level prospect for over a year and a half now. It is easy to see, he has great size to go with good length. He is skilled with 3-point range off the catch and has explosion to dunk on someone in traffic. He is continuing to get stronger and just gets better and better each time out. Still with two years to go, Reiber picked up his first couple of offers this July as Rice and High Point extended. So much to like here, so much more to come.

6’1” Justin Wright
AAU: Team Loaded NC
High School: Farmville Central

It was about a year ago we started touting Wright as one of the better prospects in North Carolina’s 2020 class. He is a Top 10 type talent and he just picked up his first offer reflecting his high major status as East Carolina extended. Wright is incredibly skilled, he plays mistake free basketball and has deep and effortless range off the catch. While he doesn’t have blow by speed, he has great change of pace and rarely turns the ball over. His game translates, but without the high level explosion and blow by burst let’s see which high level programs will jump in. Rest assured, whoever does will spend time winning a lot of games, even at the highest level.

6’8” Jayden Seymour
AAU: Team Wall
High School: Northside Christian

As we have stated so many times in the past, Seymour’s game is trending exactly the way basketball as a while is going. He is a skilled and lengthy combo forward, who can handle, shoot and pass and switch all over the defensive side of the ball. Naturally, this is the way the NBA is trending and for whatever reason colleges like to recruit differently. While Seymour doesn’t necessarily check the exact position boxes college programs like to see, there is no question he is one of the 5 or 6 top prospects in North Carolina’s 2020 class and should be recruited by NCAA tournament, high major programs. His first offer was from South Florida this week.

6’4” Ricky Council IV
AAU: Team Felton 17s
High School: Northern Durham

Council made a huge splash in July as a pure scorer. He worked his way into the starting line up for Team Felton 17s, and was immediately their best scorer. Council IV is long and explosive, he plays with the utmost confidence in the half court and is able to find his buckets at all three levels. He will continue to add weight which may boost him to elite level status. His brother was recruited to Providence out of prep school, before settling in at UMBC. Council IV should be thought of as a Top 100 type prospect moving forward, and we could see a steady climb from there over the next two years.

6’2” Demar Anderson
AAU: Team Synergy
High School: North Mecklenburg

Anderson plays on an absolutely loaded high school program. A team who has two high major prospects and numerous D2 and D1 guys surrounding them. Anderson started at guard for them last year, showing he belongs. This year, Anderson will be the point guard for them, given the keys to run the show for a team who is thought of to be in contention to win a state championship. He is strong and fast with he ball, he is relentless downhill and has upside as an on the ball defender. Robert Morris stepped forward as his first offer, it will be interesting to see who else jumps in as he should have a lot of eyes on him this year.