What a weekend it was. 50 teams came in, from four different states, to compete from the 14u-17u age groups…Greensboro, NC got things popping. True to form, dozens of college coaches attended the event, and there were some players who really took advantage of the spotlight. Typically a Phenom Hoops travel ball event has 80'120 teams playing in it, we kept this one small intentionally.

As we mentioned, there were some players who really took advantage of the smaller numbers (this shined a bigger light on them). Here are the 5 Best Players that I saw perform and what they're all about '

6'1' 2020 Jajuan Carr
WBC Elite (NC)

There is something to be said about consistency, being able to perform night in and night out despite everyone knowing what you're doing. Carr has been a model of consistent greatness throughout April and into May. By now, everyone knows who he is and what he is about. Through all the social media, the videos, the offers and the love he has continued to be provided to him, he continues to go out and produce at a high level. Carr came out this weekend with some killer. He dominated the show, from start to finish. Always able to get ANYWHERE on the floor he wants, he continues to make great reads and showcased his ability to take over a game scoring this weekend. He continues to track as the top PG in NCs 2020 class and with the American Athletic all over him, he continues to show he's that good.

6'5' 2020 Ahmil Flowers
Greensboro Warriors (NC)

Flowers experienced a breakout at Phenom's Challenge LIVE and hasn't looked back. Now carrying multiple Division 1 offers, Flowers is a marked man, a role he's not entirely used to. It took him about a half to get used to that, then it was back to the norm. The long-armed, 6'5' wing showcased his ability to score the ball. He finished at each level, and with the game on the line, he demanded the ball and got good looks. Flowers is just breaking into his own as a prospect, and he continues to get better every time out. Buy now and reap the rewards later, he has the look of a guy who could lead his D1 conference in scoring during the time he's in college.

6'4' 2020 MJ Wilkerson
NC Empire (NC)

Wilkerson has been a name we have been tracking ever since he burst on the scene, winning the Fall MVP of the NC Phenom 150 Exposure Camp as a sophomore. Wilkerson, a lefty, has always been explosive, an above the rim athlete, with great length, who excels in transition. However, over the past couple months, he has really shown the ability to knock down shots in the half court Both off the catch as well as off 1 and 2 dribble pull-ups, Wilkerson's ability on offense has surpassed his high-level defensive prowess. You also saw Wilkerson looking comfortable bringing the ball up the floor, and initiating the offense. Keep watching his progression, he finished with a double/double (25 points, 11 boards) in the Phenom's G3 Showcase semifinals win, and productive games and outputs like that are becoming the norm. Always a scholarship player, D1s should now start paying close attention.

6'1' 2020 Andrew Shull
The Renegades (WV)

Shull is an absolute gamer, a winner. As the starting point guard at Chapmanville High School, he is a 2-time defending West Virginia state champion. Throughout April, at 4-5 Phenom Hoops events, he has proven to be a full scholarship basketball player. Consistently, game in and game out, Shull scores the ball, limits turnovers and throws out dishes out excellent passes, getting his teammates great looks. Shull wins games and makes winning plays across the floor, on both ends. Not to mention he walks on the court as the most competitive kid in the gym. Look closely here and you'll like what you see.

6'4' Unsigned Senior Noah Dunn
Greensboro Warriors Unsigned (NC)

Dunn is a flat out bucket getter. He has an old school game, playing in an efficient manner like a 15-year vet. Dunn knows his spots, and he gets you to them. If you sag off you blasts a 3 ball in your eye, if you press on him, he will either back you down or hit you with a pump fake, 2 dribble pull up. Dunn has a complete offensive arsenal right now. Still not 100% back from a knee injury suffered a year ago, we are incredibly surprised schools have not come all in on him, for what he will be 6 months from now (when the season starts). He is a 2,000 career point scorer in high school and he has averaged 28 points per game through 15 games at Phenom Hoops' events this April. He is slated right now to go to Moravian Prep, that said, he can help a college program as a freshman. When a group of local high school coaches was asked who they liked better between Dunn and Isiah Wilkins (similar body type from the Triad the previous season), the coaches were back and forth ' Wilkins is slated to start as a sophomore this season at Virginia Tech.