ESPN just recently released their updated 2022 rankings, Combine Academy’s Jalen Hood-Schifino came in at 25 on the list, which (for that publication) put him third in the state behind Jaden Bradley and MJ Rice. On December 29th, Hood-Schifino committed to Pittsburgh.

Since that time, since Hood Schifino’s commitment, his game has been free-flowing. Where there has always been skill and IQ, Hood Schifino has been playing with incredible confidence and loose nature. Hood-Schifino has a college-ready frame, already. He plays the game at a great pace, he is never rushed and sees the floor at a high level.

In January, Hood Schifino has aggressively looked to score the ball. As he touched the paint, h has shown his full arsenal, at each level. Playing off two feet, he finished at the rim as well as knocked down the pull up. He even showcased soft touch from 3. The consistent Team USA invitee star is clearly on the rise.

He is a well-spoken young man, very polite, very cordial and says all the right things when interviewed or even talking with him, polish is a good word used to describe his demeanor.

Also, dot be surprised to see a little movement in his ranking, both within the state of North Carolina and nationally. One thing is for certain, we are very excited to watch him as he continues to move forward.