Following the release of our latest rankings for the Classes of 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025, there’s no better time to reflect on specific individuals and project forward–especially for the younger players. That being said, calling Jackson Keith a “special” type of prospect is similar to proclaiming that the sky is blue. It’s simply common knowledge at this point. Given the abundance of talented, high-level players to come through the Durham Hurricanes program, folks should pay attention when Coach Rob Sinclair notes how Keith could very easily be the best of them all. He just picked up his first offer from NC A&T, and kudos to them for wisely getting involved early, but the 6-foot-4 wing has been showcasing high-level ability since last travel season. Either way, Keith continues to quickly establish himself as a nationally known name.

Since April, Keith has been nothing short of incredible. He turned countless heads at our Grassroots TOC, captured the attention of other scouting services, and has been memorable in every possible camp setting. He was a top-20 selection at Made Hoops, standout at CP3 Rising Stars Camp, and undoubtedly stood out among the top prospects on display at our NC Top 80 (where we reiterated his incredibly long list of favorable attributes). Soon thereafter, Keith’s first high school season began. Not only was he contributing and affecting all facets of the game, but his leadership stood out on both ends of the floor. Something that would seem like an extremely tall task for most 14-year-olds has been fairly routine for Keith. 

There was almost no real transition from “comfortable contributor” to “the undisputed guy,” as he immediately took the reins upon joining the team. Since then, Keith has been as impressive as any freshman in the state. He’s an all-around wing prospect with the IQ, physical attributes, and two-way versatility to naturally dominate within the flow of the action. Keith is a well-rounded athlete with excellent size, fluidity, and explosiveness. However, he’s also quite skilled and regularly displays creation ability with the ball in his hands. Keith is already capable of scoring from all levels, making plays without the ball, and setting up others at a nice rate. Between his rebounding, defensive prowess, and efficient offensive game, he’s having no issue asserting himself on both ends of the floor. The scariest part? Keith is still just beginning to truly scratch the surface of his long-term ceiling. Expect him to collect a ton of offers and subsequently become a nationally recognized name over the foreseeable future.