If you are a fan of high school basketball and anywhere around the southeast region, you know about the success that Dorman high school had this past season.  Led by several senior players that will now be heading off to college programs, it now gives rising senior Jalen Breazeale a chance to shine even more.

It was an exciting time for Breazeale and the Dorman program, and he could see that it was going to be something special this past season as early as the summer.

“It was amazing, the team really began to gel over the summer at team camp, so when the season started, the chemistry was there,” he told Phenom Hoops.  “Winning the big games and tournaments we won was one of the best feelings ever.  We just seemed to have all the right pieces to win.”

Myles Tate, PJ Hall, and Justin Amadi were just a few of the key stars from last season but that doesn’t take away from what Breazeale provided to this program, playing a huge role in helping lead the team on the court.

“I did whatever my team needed me to do in order to win, whether that was guarding the best player or making shots, while also controlling the tempo.”

Now, heading into the upcoming season, Breazeale will be looked at as one of the key figures to lead the charge and with the experience/knowledge that he has earned over the years, he is ready to go.

“The past couple years have helped me think the game instead of just playing, which has been good for me and I’m looking forward to showing that I can play both ends of the floor while being a floor general and leading my team to wins.”

It didn’t take long for one program to jump on board with an offer, as Winthrop seemingly didn’t want to wait for next season to offer him.  It was his first one and one that Breazeale will remember, as he likes the freedom Coach Kelsey gives to his guards.

“It was great and I know that Coach Kelsey likes tough two-way players,” he said.  “Coach Kelsey also gives his players freedom on the court and that has led to a lot of success.  I’m looking forward to keeping a strong relationship with the entire coaching staff at Winthrop.”

With Winthrop officially offering, schools like Murray State, Western Carolina, Toledo, BYU, and Appalachian State may not be far behind, as all have expressed interest his way.

Breazeale has had a chance to learn and gain experience with one of the top programs in the country and now, heading into next season, he has the chance to really make an even bigger mark on the court.  He certainly will have all the opportunities to do so.