Most folks (non-parents) tend to enter a travel ball event and typically gravitate towards the oldest age group or “whoever is on the main court.” While there is nothing wrong with this situation, there is arguably more value in finding out who will be the next noteworthy prospect on the 14U and 15U courts. Coincidentally, that’s where Jamal Townsend and Team Trezz could be found dominating a variety of opponents. He’s currently one of the lesser-known prospects in North Carolina’s Class of 2023, but that’s almost guaranteed to change over the foreseeable future. 

Looking back to our Phenom Challenge at the beginning of August, Townsend was featured on Bendel’s Best, where we stated, “Right now, the Team Trezz organization is loaded with talented prospects like Zion Collins and Jordan Vick, but Jamal Townsend is also certainly a name worth noting. He’s a heady, dynamic guard with quality size, length, and a fairly active motor on both ends of the floor. There were multiple showings where Townsend was simply the best and most consistent player on the court. However, he still seems to play hard and embrace his identity–regardless of statistical success. Townsend is terrific at attacking the basket but understands how to mix it up and showcased a respectable perimeter jumper as well. He’s a capable ball-handler and overall playmaker, and possesses a natural nose for the ball. His physicality and defensive understanding allow him to regularly overwhelm his assignment and force turnovers, which often leads to easy transition opportunities. Though his physical attributes were very appealing, Townsend also highlighted an excellent blend of IQ, toughness, and leadership by example. It’s somewhat early in his progression, but Townsend has all the makings of what should become a very enticing next-level prospect.”

Since then, Townsend has been routinely recognized for his impressive play and obvious appeal as a high school player and beyond. He already checks so many boxes, offering IQ, skill, athleticism, strength, toughness, and can legitimately operate within a variety of different roles. Townsend displays an active motor, thrives in transition, and is capable of dominating his assignment defensively. It seems anyone who has watched Townsend over the summer has walked away in awe, which should only breed optimism over the coming years.