Prior to our Tourney Town Showcase, we discussed the possibility of the Golden Eagles starting the new year with an undefeated record. After two wins at the event, that scenario is still certainly in play. However, the viewings of this group also provided us with a more concrete idea of what they’ll look like from game to game. 

Every Coach Partee-led group has been balanced, and this squad is no different. They often play through Markquan Gilbert, but their slew of useful pieces makes them quite difficult for opponents to predict. Gilbert is a strong, high-motor, physically overwhelming wing prospect who gets downhill, plays through contact, and gets to the line at will. Despite only being a sophomore, CJ Neely stood out as a very productive, well-rounded guard who can carry the offense for stretches and operate within various different roles. Braylon Collins provides reliable shooting, scrappy defense, and leadership qualities with an unselfish approach on both ends of the floor. Veteran pieces like Joshua Hughes and Nickolas Aikens are tough, highly active guards/wings who understand how to fill in the gaps and assert themselves as needed. Gage Lattimore remains one of the more intriguing players on the roster, as he’s already quite productive as a 3-and-D piece but still has plenty of upside remaining. Tayshawn Mann is another young prospect who displays a fairly well-rounded skillset and regular flashes of appeal. In addition to touch and rebounding instincts, Zavier Neely offers a steady, high-motor presence on both ends. Rounding out this group, Jahlil Green is probably the most tantalizing player on the roster. He’s extremely long and bouncy with the blend of motor, low-maintenance production, and visible upside to be a late bloomer. 

The Golden Eagles now stand at 6-0 with various guys who should be warranting attention from college coaches. They each understand how to play and produce within their respective roles, and it’s reflected in the end result. Are they the top public-school team in Greensboro? Maybe. Only time will tell. However, folks can expect this group to continue causing problems for opponents throughout the coming months.