Get To Know Julia Zupicich

This past weekend we were treated to a fantastic event featuring some of the best talent in girls hoops in NC. One though, really put herself on the map with her showing here however and that player is Julia Zupicich. The 5'8 2020 PG prospect out of Falls Lake Academy took home our Playmaker award for the camp as she put on a show all day finding players for open looks and creating opportunities where there seemed none available. Now that you know her game, let us fill you in more about the person. We were able to sit down with her and get the lowdown. Our interview is as follows:

Phenom: You had a great showing this past weekend. What was it like to be in the gym in this setting'

Julia: Thank you. It was fantastic! So many great players to play with and just getting the chance to get to know them. It was a bit different as I had not been in something like this before but once we got going I really had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the opportunity.

Phenom: I was told you have been playing varsity since 7th grade, is that right'

Julia: Yes sir, when I was at Neuse Christian I was able to play up. It was tough at times but I think it helped me to get better, and I really enjoyed playing against older players with experience.

Phenom: Why did you leave Neuse'

Julia: I loved Neuse and all my friends there, but I wanted to go to a bigger school that was better academically. I deeply value my education. Also, my 8th grade coach was the varsity girls coach there now so I have a great relationship with him and felt comfortable going in. So, I put my name in the lottery for them and luckily I was able to get in.

Phenom: We were also told that this past year was your first as the primary point guard. Was that a difficult transition'

Julia: The transition to the PG spot full time was an easy one as it fits my game better but there was an adjustment period. I had to learn my new teammates and they had to learn me and it just took some time for us to get in our rhythm. Once we got comfortable we really took off and played good ball I thought.

Phenom: We also hear that you are good with the grades, 3.5 plus gpa. How have you been able to excel in both the classroom and on the court'

Julia: It has been tough. Falls Lake is very tough as a college prep school when it comes to academics so it really comes down to time management. Between AAU, individual workouts, and school I don't have a ton of free time so I really have had to stay focused. I manage to make it work though. I have great friends and fantastic family so it all works out.

Phenom: What are you looking to study when you get into college'

Julia: I am really looking at being a lawyer one day so pre-law is what I will be looking at going into. I really want to make a difference in the world and I think that this will be a great path for me to go in order to do that and help people.

Phenom: So would you say you are a smart kid who plays basketball or a basketball player that happens to be smart'

Julia: (laughing) Definitely the second one. I love basketball. It is what I am passionate about.

Phenom: What are you working on over the summer' What tweaks are you making to your game'

Julia: I am always working on something. With so many great players in NC if you are not getting better, you are getting left behind. I plan to attend more basketball camps and events that can give me exposure. Right now, I am working on my jumper and really trying to get that dialed in. I will be playing point for my AAU team too so really trying to be the best I can be at that part of my game too.

Phenom: Well, you impressed us this past weekend. We will be watching your development. Best of luck to you.

Julia: Thank you so much! It was great to be at your event. No one does stuff like this for girls basketball so I think it is great for y'all to give us this opportunity. I really had a lot of fun and I know others did too.