#5 5'10' 2020 Michael Saunders Jr of Lawrence North HS (Indianapolis)
Saunders is a throwback type point guard, in the fact that he takes care of the ball and sets up his team mates (both at a very high level). As one of the youngest players in camp, he was poised well beyond his years. Saunders camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Michael is an elite PG. He is quick on quick with a tight handle. He finishes well at the rim, with both hands.'

#13 5'10' 2019 Daniel McKeeman of Carroll HS (Fort Wayne)
McKeeman is a natural leader with a high basketball IQ. His biggest attributes may be his ability to control the tempo/pace along with his overall game management skills. McKeeman's camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Dan is a pure point guard. He sees the entire floor and delivers high level passes. He also shoots the 3 ball very well.'

#23 6' 2018 Michael Poole of Crispus Attucks (Indianapolis)
Poole showed off a very good handle, as he attacks the lane going both ways. He carries a great attitude and gives effort on both ends of the floor. Poole's camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Michael has a great release and is an unconventional scorer. He handles the ball very well and was comfortable bring the ball up the floor.

#32 6'1' 2019 Mason Garland Carroll HS (Fort Wayne)
Mason is a very solid all around basketball player. He moved very well without the ball, finding his spots, and made shots throughout the day. Garland's camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Mason understands the game and plays within his role on the team. He is a capable scorer and finds ways to get his shot off.'

#42 6'3' 2018 Johnny Bernard of Merrillville HS (Merrillville)
Bernard is a crafty scorer, who has ability at all 3 levels. He is an explosive athlete, which showed up both on defense and in transition. Bernard's camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Johnny is an explosive athlete and he finds ways to score. He plays well defensively and can become an elite perimeter defender.'

#59 6'5' 2017 Mark Albers of Pendleton Heights HS (Markelville)
Hand down man down, Albers was in the conversation for best pure shooter in camp. He is confident in his release, and his pre shot set up is great. Albers' camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Mark is one of the best shooters in the camp. He has good size and a great understanding of the game.'

#67 6'4' 2017 Nick Mantis of Lowell HS (Lowell)
Mantis is very tough, plays a very physical game. He loves doing all the tough guy stuff on the perimeter and plays the game the right way. Mantis' camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Nick is a strong and physical kid on the perimeter. He is a good defender and unselfish ball handler. Nick has a consistent stroke and ends up as a sneaky all around scorer.'

#77 6'5' 2017 Hank Johnson of Shelbyville HS (Waldon)
Johnson carried a great attitude from the starting tip to the final whistle of camp. He has good touch around the basket and the ability to step out and make shots out to 18 feet. Johnson's camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Hank is a very positive kid and is very coachable. He shoots the ball well and is a good athlete. He is a crafty finisher around the rim.'

#84 6'6' 2018 Matthew Cornett of South Decatur HS (Westport)
Cornett has a great attitude and plays great within himself, and a team concept. He sets great screens and is able to finish in the short corner or around the basket. Cornett's camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'Matthew plays very hard. He is an active screener and shoots the ball well for a player his size. He plays with a lot of energy and a high motor.'

#92 6'9' 2019 John Michael Mulloy of Carmel HS (Carmel)
Mulloy was one of the break out players of the camp. The lefty plays with a high motor and a great skill set, both at and away from the basket. Mulloy's camp coach Josh Riikonen stated, 'John Michael plays with a lot of energy. He is long and very athletic. John Michael has great skill for his size and is very coachable. He has big time upside.'