No. 4 5'9 '19 Xavier Overstreet (Homestead HS, Fort Wayne, IN)

Xavier displayed an excellent attitude throughout the course of the day. He has a high basketball IQ and played well within the team structure. Xavier is a pass first point guard that enjoys getting his teammates involved in the offense. He is patience with his shot selection and has the ability to knock down 3-pointers when left open. That being said, Xavier seems more comfortable in that of a 'set up' point guard. We were impressed with his unselfish overall play and court vision. The next step in his development is to improve his lateral quickness and be a little more aggressive with his man-to-man principles. That being said, Xavier has a good feel for the game and has natural basketball instincts.

No. 14 5'11 '17 Zach Owen (Crispus Attucks HS, Indianapolis, IN)

Standing a lengthy 5'11, Zach Owen definitely plays much bigger than his listed height. He has a 6'4 wingspan and a solid 29-inch standing vertical. Zach demonstrated confidence throughout the day and got more comfortable with his performance. He averaged 12 PPG for the day and hit at least two 3-pointers in each contest. Coach Joey Burton stated, 'Zach plays hard and has the ability to penetrate and get into the paint. He can shoot off the catch as well as the dribble. Zach is a solid player with an upside.' We were impressed with his tremendous quickness that allowed him to finish efficiently in the paint. That being said, Zach can get it going with his 3-point shooting ability and his ability to score from multiple levels, which makes him a difficult player to defend and contain.

No. 22'6’0 '18 Quinn Moffitt'(Triton Central HS, Indianapolis, IN)

Quinn is a high IQ; fundamentally sound player that gets it done both in the classroom and on the hardwood. Sporting a solid 3.1 GPA, Quinn has excellent poise and plays with tremendous maturity. While he didn't take many shots, they were all shots within the framework of the offense. Quinn has terrific shooting mechanics and demonstrated tremendous range. He was effective off the catch or dribble and has extensive range on his jumper.' The next step in his development is to dribble penetrate and get into the lane. We were impressed with his ability to finish with contact and play through tough physical play.

No. 33 6'1 '17 Jordan Harris (Lighthouse Charter, Indianapolis, IN)

Jordan Harris is a 'quick on quick' lead guard that can flat get into the paint. He has the right attitude and showcased a high basketball IQ. We were impressed with his team first approach. His attitude was clearly matched by his outstanding effort and energy demonstrated throughout the day. We were impressed with poise and maturity and showcased strong leadership on the court. He led by example and was an effective two-way player. Jordan has quick feet and active hands, which allowed him to be a strong on ball defender.

No. 41 6'0 '18 Aidan Baker (Park Tudor HS, Indianapolis, NC)

Aidan has a nice blend of athleticism and skill set that makes him an intriguing prospect. He has a high basketball IQ and played well within the team structure. More importantly, Aidan sports an impressive 3.78 GPA and is already getting interest from Hamilton, Colgate, Albion, Indiana Wesleyan, and St. Francis.' Coach Joey Burton stated, 'Aidan plays extremely hard and is very unselfish. He has the ability to penetrate and finish and kick out to his teammates. He has the ability to hit the midrange off the dribble or can knock down the 3-pointer off the catch and shoot.'

No. 51 6'1 '18 Kobe Clancy (Scecina Memorial HS, Indianapolis, IN)

Kobe brings an abundant of energy and passion to the game. Standing only 6'1, he has an impressive 6'10 wingspan and 8'1 reach. He has good athleticism, not to mention an excellent understanding of the game Kobe has the right attitude, basketball IQ, effort and team play that is a winning formula as a player. Coach Joey Burton stated, 'Kobe can really get to the basket and finish over players with either hand. He shoots the ball well at time, but will need to add more consistency.' Currently, Kobe is receiving strong interest from St. Francis and with his unique physical frame, IQ and skill set, you can expect his stock is on the verge of growing.

No. 68 6'4 '17 Cooper Neese (Cloverdale HS, Cloverdale, IN)

The Butler commit showcased a complete all around game. He has a solid physical frame, high basketball IQ, advanced fundamentals, and athleticism. He has a 6'7 wingspan and 8'1 reach, but impressed us with is 31 standing vertical. Coach Joey Burton stated it best, 'Cooper uses his quick release off the catch and dribble to make shots. He has unlimited range, but more importantly plays hard on both ends of the court.' We were very impressed with his competitiveness and winning attitude. Without question, Cooper has a high level of confidence that should transition extremely well at the collegiate level. As we would like to say, Cooper Neese definitely has the 'it factor.' He's a winner every step of the way.

No. 76 6'6 '19 Mason Gillis (New Castle HS, New Castle, IN)

Simply put, Mason Gillis has tremendous upside and potential. Standing a lengthy 6'6 with a 7'1 wingspan, Mason brings basketball IQ, effort, and an unbelievable level of competitiveness spirit. Coach Joey Burton stated, 'Mason bring a lot of energy through rebounding and defense. He has a very solid game to 15 feet.' We were impressed with how hard he played on both sides of the court. He has good natural instincts and anticipation especially with his rebounding. Mason also showcased the ability to step out and knock down a few 3-pointers during the day.

No. 85 6'6 '18 Wil O'Connor (Greenfield Central HS, Greenfield, IN)

Wil is an effective two-way player that has the ability to stretch the defense with his ability to knock down perimeter shots. Coach Joey Burton stated, 'Wil can shoot the 3-pointer off the catch, but also likes to use the one dribble pull up.' Wil is a very patience player on offense and allows his shots to come within the framework of the offense. He's a very good team player and understands team philosophies such as moving without the ball and making the extra pass. The next step in his development is to get physically stronger which will enhance his stock over the next two years.

No. 91 6'11 '18 Gavin Bizeau (Plainfield HS, Plainfield, IN)

Gavin has unbelievable length (7'2') and reach (8'10'), but more importantly has a unique skill set. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor in transition and finish at the rim. Gavin has an advanced skill set for his size/position. We were impressed with his court vision and overall understanding of the game. Coach Joey Burton stated, 'Gavin feels more comfortable on the perimeter than the inside. He can shoot the 3-pointer and finishes well for not having a big body.' For the day, Gavin averaged 13 PPG and two 3-pointers in each game. The next step in his development is to get physically stronger. That being said, Gavin length, reach, size, high IQ and skill set is going to make him such an intriguing prospect.