6'9 Charles Chiennigan-Pur (Burlington Christian)

Although it might take a few years for Charles Chiennigan-Pur to reach his ceiling, he should still be a major difference-maker as a freshman. Purely from a size, length, and mobility standpoint, he should cause a ton of problems for opponents. Chiennigan-Pur already displays great timing as a rebounder and rim-protector, which should allow him to anchor the paint defensively and block a healthy number of shots. He's a capable finisher who also appears comfortable shooting from distance or putting the ball on the floor and making plays. Though young and developing his overall physique, Chiennigan-Pur has a myriad of enticing qualities.

6'3 Josiah Johnson-Freeman (Northside Christian)

Given his experience on the varsity level, it should be plainly obvious that Josiah Johnson-Freeman will maintain his status as a key piece for Northside Christian. He's a tough, athletic, well-rounded wing prospect with the ability to do a little bit of everything and produce in a variety of different roles. Johnson-Freeman can initiate the offense, set up others, or apply scoring pressure with or without the ball in his hands. He's a smart cutter who positions himself extremely well to make plays within the framework of the offense. Johnson-Freeman displays quality defensive instincts and does a nice job of getting to his spots in transition.

6'9 Cannon DeBerry (Olympic)

Similar to the first entry on this part, Cannon DeBerry already stands out as a useful player who should only get better and better. He's a long, wiry, fluid post prospect with solid touch around the basket and out of the post. DeBerry typically makes his biggest impact as a rebounder, shot-blocker, and lob threat in transition, but is also willing to adapt and adjust as needed. He plays hard, runs the floor well, and does a nice job of containing his assignment defensively. DeBerry is still just scratching the surface, but it's easy to see the appeal.