For years, there has been an overlooked amount of basketball talent within the Palmetto State of South Carolina. Their top grouping usually receives a quality amount of attention while the majority of the class gets brushed aside. Think of someone like Cooper Fowler, who folks watched and acknowledged overwhelming opponents—only to get scooped up late by Lenoir-Rhyne. Each class possesses guys like this and, though he started gaining traction earlier, Ian Thomson could easily fall under the same umbrella after verbally committing to Anderson College. 

With his commitment, let’s look back at what we stated over the summer, “Though Upward Stars Bailey truly epitomizes a balanced approach to the game, Thomson was still able to shine in various ways. Like most on this team, he’s very steady and reliable on both ends of the floor. Thomson displays touch and finishing ability out of the post while also providing a solid presence as a rim-protector. He rebounds well, plays consistently hard, and runs the floor well in transition.” During the same event, we wrote: “6’9 ’21 Ian Thomson (Upward Stars Bailey) displays such an unselfish, team-first approach to the game. He plays hard, battles for every rebound, and runs the floor in transition. Finishes well around the basket and alters shots defensively.”

So, what exactly is Anderson getting with Thomson? For starters, they will be bringing in someone with a quality work ethic and a willingness to do whatever it takes to provide his team with an edge. He possesses obvious size and utilizes it well around the basket on either end of the floor, both as a finisher and shot-altering presence. Thomson rebounds well, runs the floor hard, and plays within the team concept very well. He plays hard and is capable of making an impact with or without the ball in his hands. Thomson should be a quality get for Anderson, especially if he continues to progress.