The transfer portal is over 400 Division 1 players at this point. There needs to be some differentiating factors involved. With these odd times we are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic, teams are looking heavily at the transfer portal fill out their rosters. As a player who has already graduated from undergrad (in three years) Dubose is able to leave as a graduate transfer. This means he will be eligible immediately, at whichever program he chooses. 

Dubose is a player who fills the box score, across the board. As a guy who defends the opposition’s best player, cleans the boards, finishes at the rim and initiates the offense. 

2019-20 Stats: 19 Points. 21.5 PER. 7.3 Rebounds (1.7 Offensive). 3.8 Assists. 1.4 Steals.

We have been familiar with Dubose for a while, as he has come to our events since middle school. Even in high school we wrote, “Ian has a great feel for the game. He makes everyone on his team better and can play and guard multiple positions on the court. He is a versatile defender and most of all is so coachable.” In addition, Ian demonstrated an excellent attitude, basketball IQ and played unselfishly the entire day. While Ian is quite effective with the ball in his hands, he moves well without the ball and gets easy scoring opportunities utilizing his instincts and hustle.”

Even a couple of days after putting his name into the NCAA transfer portal, Dubose has heard from a who’s who of schools, from around the country. Southern Cal, Seton Hall, Oregon State, NC State, Clemson, UConn, Depaul, Charlotte, App St, Elon, Wilmington, Northwestern, Arkansas, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Stanford, Washington State, Duquesne, Ole Miss, etc…are all in contact. 

We caught up with Dubose this weekend to talk about schools, the NBA and overall where his mind is at in this process…

PHR: How do you plan to navigate through the process with the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing going on?

Dubose: First thing is to maintain safety and remain at home during this time. Recruiting wise the biggest thing is gathering as much information. Using the information I get from the new coaches who recruit me, former coaches and my parents is essential. I am not going to rush this process. I will continue to build relationships and learn about all the different opportunities and schools. I will definitely use all the resources I have to just stay updated with possible changes in the NBA pre-draft process, signing periods and other transfers. It is definitely a time that is unlike any other period and just working to stay in the loop to see when or if the process will resume to typical pattern.

PHR: You mention the pre-draft process, will you be submitting your name there and going through that with the NBA?

Dubose: I have put in for the NBA pre-draft evaluation and have plans to test the waters in this whole process. Several events have been canceled and teams holding workouts are now in question. 

PHR: That’s smart! What type of information and feedback are you looking to/expecting to get back from that process?

Dubose: Each day trying to see what are the new dates for the event, if they will still be held. Understanding all the NBA is going through with the virus and if and when these events happen. For me knowing workouts for teams would have been big for mean getting hands-on experience with pro teams. For me, the biggest thing was to get an evaluation and to receive that feedback from NBA teams. Feedback definitely helps me understand where I stand in the eyes of the NBA and some pro teams. For me, the biggest thing was to get an evaluation and to receive that feedback from the NBA teams. Feedback definitely helps me understand where I stand in the eyes of NBA and some pro teams. I would also help me gain more knowledge, if pursuing a pro career immediately would be best or if returning to college would best benefit my game. 

PHR: At the end of the day, pro basketball is the goal, and evaluation is done with no penalty now?

Dubose: Exactly, but now with everything all over the place. So seeing how everything changes each day is huge for me.

PHR: With that said, if you do go the college route, what will you be looking at most closely with that path?

Dubose: If I do choose the college route, I think the biggest thing is the fit for me. It’s not all about the name for me, the fit for my ability and style of play is important. I definitely want to be part of winning basketball, because that means a lot to me. Being able to showcase my skill at a higher level of ball is also important. Being in a program that is pushing me to improve as a player is huge. Ultimately choosing a program that can do all these things and best help me achieve my goal of becoming a pro, is important. 

PHR: It is still early in this process, but have any schools caught your eye yet?

Dubose: Yeah, it is still early for sure, but I have been receiving a lot of interest. It is early in the process and I am still evaluating and learning about each opportunity as it comes. 

PHR: Are you in the mindset that if you are not projecting to the NBA then you are definitely going to college, or are you open to the G-League free agency or overseas for a couple of years too?

Dubose: I’m open to anything right now. I’m not just an NBA or nothing type of guy. I am open to the different opportunities there could be. Whichever opportunities are best for me at the time, I will pursue it. Definitely open to all possibilities as I go through this process. 

PHR: For those who have never seen you play, how would you describe your game? 

Dubose: I am a versatile guard who shoots the 3, midrange and drives to finish at and above the rim, I can score the ball at all 3 levels. I have good ball-handling ability and have good vision to be able to make plays. I have the ability to create shots for myself and my teammates by often putting pressure on the rim. Offensively, I can play the 1 through 3 guard, as well as defend the 1-3. I am a big-bodied guard, at about 6’4” and 215 pounds who also rebounds and defends at a high clip. 

PHR: Follow up to that, who would you compare yourself to and who do you watch film on and try to implement pieces for your own game?

Dubose: I am a versatile player and it may be a little different to compare, but I would look at Donovan Mitchell, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. Parts and pieces of my game are similar to how they play. I watch film on a number of guys. Westbrook, Mitchell, and Harden but also Lebron James and Steph Curry are all pro guys I take different parts of their game from to try to implement in my own game.