Phenom Hoops headed down to Rock Hill to attend the tremendous event, Teammate Nationals, and it brought us a ton of talent of all ages. 

One of the more intriguing young talents that we were able to get a glimpse of was 2024 6’6 Sammie Yeanay, who was playing for the Sonny’s Wolves in Rock Hill.  Yeanay immediately stood out with his 6’6, strong frame but then you got a glimpse of how he plays on the court, especially at a young age.

First off, when speaking with Yeanay, he will be attending North Marion high school in Florida and has only been playing the game for the last 16 months.  To wrap your head around that after watching him on the court, it was impressive to think about his potential down the road with the work that he will put in.

With his game, Yeanay has a great body and frame already for his age, and he plays tough down in the paint.  He finished well, embraced contact and finished through defenders, and even showed range on his shot. 

Yeanay got to his spot down low, displayed the ability to make quick decisions, and put the ball on the deck.  He has big hands and uses them well, showing touch offensively and gets on the glass well.  One can see that this young man has put in the work but there is a ton of room for growth, which is scary to think about down the road.

One thing is for sure though, you need to start buying stock in him today because he has a chance to be something special.