Player: Anthony Picott


Class: 2017

HT: 6'4, 180 pounds

High School: Hampton Roads Academy, Hampton VA

HS Statistics: 17 ppg, 6 rpg

Highlight video:

From Playmaker: Anthony Picott is a long two guard who does a good job finishing in transition and knocking down mid range jumpers. Picott is also very energetic player who helps the team get momentum on both ends of the floor during the game. Picott had a solid sophomore season averaging 16 points per game in the highly competitive TCIS conference. If Picott keeps developing his outside shot and athleticism then Picott can turn into a household name in the Hampton Roads Area.

AAU Team: Boo Williams

High School Coach Evaluation: Anthony is a very hard worker who really wants to be the best he can be. Any time the gym is open he is there working on his game. This off season he spent a lot of time improving his ball handling and his shooting form and it is paying off this season. Anthony is naturally very long so with improved strength and athleticism he could elevate his game even more. Finishing around the basket and his mid range game are his strengths right now, but he is working hard to become a consistent 3 point shooter as well. This will be another important off season for him, but I know he will work hard to continue improving. – Coach Chris Furhmann, Head Coach Hampton Roads Academy


Coach Frank says: Anthony Picott is a long and silky smooth wing who moves well without the ball, gets open and knocks down shots with very good consistency to 18 feet. He has a disciplined and pure shooting stroke and a sound middle game. Anthony and quick release and knows how to get space but his length also allows him to shooter over smaller defenders. He attacks the basket aggressively employing his length, wiry frame and shifty style. A crafty playmaker, Anthony is a good passer and is unselfish. Anthony is one of the most highly regarded scorers in the 757 and will continue to draw the attention of college coaches as his high school career continues.