By: DeAjai Dawkins

2023 6’5 Isaac Holmes (Papa Pete’s Patriots/Apex Friendship)

Isaac has been one of the more skilled players that I’ve watched today. The hybrid forward carries a trait of skillful, intelligent basketball with him at all times. He plays a very crafty game, highlighting both his ability to shoot the ball as well as facilitate. Holmes is difficult to match up with, given his ability to operate from both behind the arc and off the dribble. When you pair this with his size advantage over most high school players at this position, he’s a matchup nightmare. 

5’8 2026 Mike Jones (Team Knights/Comenius) 

As long as I’ve been told correctly, Mike Jones is only in the 8th grade. This alone makes me feel that he is going to be a very good player as he continues developing, especially when you consider that he’s already his team’s most skilled offensive weapon. The young lead guard is exceptional at getting to the basket and finishing through contact. Hits open threes as well as almost anyone I’ve seen today. One example of a player that makes you ask “what if he was only a few more inches taller?”

6’3 2022 David Sobkowiak (Winston Salem Christian Regional) 

David proved himself to be a spot-up shooting threat that can compete with today’s best shooting competition. Sobkowiak is filled with confidence, so much so that you may often see him take off back down the floor before watching a shot fall through. He understands how to get himself open, and should be dialed in at all times. I believe he’ll be a reason opposing teams give up games to this group. 

6’7 2023 Patrick Tivnan (Red Storm/Charlotte Catholic) 

I’ve followed Patrick as long as any player in NC’s 2023 class, and I’ll be the first to speak to his development. He’s gone from a player with promising size and offensive potential to the clear leader of this reputable varsity program. At 6’7 with a variety of offensive capabilities, Tivnan offers a true big man that college coaches can inquire about. At the moment, he offers a fair low-post game with the ability to impact the game from beyond the arc. A solid junior season could be the cause of a sudden surge in his recruitment.

5’8 2026 Isaac Ellis (Moravian Prep National Blue) 

The Ellis brothers are as known as you’ll find in the state, and Isaac is as lethal of a 3-point shooter that you’ll find in NC’s 2026 class. Ellis is automatic from the corner, boasting a shot that he clearly spends hours working on. He’s always displayed a level of on-court intelligence/maturity that you have to witness up close to fully understand. I’d like to believe that Ellis is nowhere near done growing, and pairing any remaining size at all with a player of his skill level is frightening. He’s going to be so fun to watch. 

6’8 2023  Mayar Wol (Moravian Prep National Blue) 

Mayar is going to help this group win a lot of games this year. One player that has left a few fans curious about his origins, Mayor provides a rare blend of skill, length, and mobility. His reclassification into the 2023 class will serve him extremely well, as I believe he can contribute at the next level. For now, a big piece of Wol’s development will be identifying and crafting a niche that allows him to earn playing time at the next level. He currently is playing for a coach that demands discipline and defensive orientation, so I have little doubts about Mayar’s future.

6’2 2023 Darius Abraham (U Boyz/Harding) 

Darius impressed me with a level of toughness and defensive engagement that stood alone today. No surprise that Abraham is a Team Charlotte kid, as the strong lead guard showed a great deal of value in his ability to defend full court. He’s capable of playing above the rim and extremely engaged defensively, so much so that I believe this will be the trait that earns him scholarships.