The Hoops and Dreams Showcase had college coaches, fans and scouts all the same in the near sold-out crowd throughout day 1 at Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC. This is the type of stage needed for players to breakout, the type of bright lights necessary to showcase the masses, you can play … and these players did.

Based on performance with the bright lights on, in this setting, one would have to assume the status is rising for some. Here are some players the college coaches and scouts need to start paying very close attention to.

6’5″ 2021 Jayden Doyle of Freedom Christian (NC)
18 Points. 7-12 FG. 6 Boards. 3 Assists.

Doyle played last year in a small Tennessee town near Knoxville. He is unknown now to scouts, coaches, and fans alike, well that is soon to change. Doyle is a high flying wing who is a flat out bucket getter. He is explosive around the basket, can see the floor and he is able to create and score from each level. He jumped into our rankings in the Top 15, he may continue to grow as the best player on a deep, 8-0 Freedom Christian team. Continue to monitor closely here, this showing was just the beginning.

6’3″ 2022 Po’Boigh King of Word of God (NC)
21 Points. 6 Boards.

King is a player many have heard up, but not many have seen. His transfer to Word of God is changing this. Playing alongside Isaiah Todd has been paramount for King’s development in the eyes of many. Todd brings attention, but King is the one who throws the daggers. He is a smooth scoring wing, who does so with angles and IQ. He can shoot with range and confidence, he finishes in transition and he is a good rebounder. He does have an early Ole Miss offer, but continue watching, he will continue producing.

6’2″ 2021 Jacob Hukins of GRACE Christian (NC)
14 Points. 10 Assists. 4 Steals. 3-5 3P.

Hukins started out the first part of the year splitting time between the basketball court and the football field. Since his return to full-time basketball, GRACE is 4-1 (were 0-2 without him). On the football field, Hukins was getting looked at by ACC level programs, however, on the basketball floor, where his passion lies, Hukins makes everyone on the floor better. He is a quick-twitch athlete with great length. He plays with great pace on the ball and showcases excellent court vision. He can also score the ball. Hukins almost takes passive looking to score it at times, but rest assured, he will defend the heck out of the ball, value possessions and knock down his shots. Already a productive PG, he will only get better. Watch this one closely.

6’4″ 2021 Sam Alamutu of Rothesay Netherwood (CAN)
12 Points. 8 Boards. 5-10 FG.

Alamutu plays a unique brand of basketball, but it is a very productive and winning style. He is able to defend 4 positions at the high school level, with his length, strength, and ability to really move. He is a very good rebounder as well, both in and out of his area. He can also initiate the offense, as he is a high-level rebounder and defender, the way he sees the floor may be his best attribute on the court. Alamutu has a Long Beach State offer, but the academic player will be someone who gets into college, at whatever level, and doesn’t come off the floor. You build wins around players like this one.

6’5″ 2022 Freddie Dilione of Trinity Christian (NC)
21 Points. 5 Boards. 4 Assists. 5 Steals. 8-11 FG.

Dilione is a known name to some around the area, however, he showcased in this one he should be a player who is known nationally. Dilione has excellent size, but it is his killer mentality he showcased here that really stood out. Dilione shot the ball at a high level, sure he is a known scorer who is on the verge of having a huge year. But he also showcased the ability to rebound, defend and distribute here. Look at his efficiency, and this is against a good team, as only a sophomore. There is more to come here, but look for the national notoriety to come, and, based on his play, the offers should start coming in any time now.