Action packed first half filled with big plays. There was a lot of back and forth fast paced action from the tipoff. Blow for blow these teams  showed the ability to take and deliver hits. Pine Forest taking an early lead due to a couple big three point buckets combined with scrappy team defense. Jordan Jones leading the way for Pine Forest with a 13pt first half. WCDS fueled by the play of Jordan Cooper! From denying a poster to putting together one of his own. He had an 8pt 1st half. 

Chargers of WCDS come out locker room with a new attitude. Getting stops on D and starting the 3rd quarter on 6-0 run. Foul trouble seemed to be a factor. Jordan Jones saw little action in the 3rd with 4 fouls. 40-48 at the start of the 4th quarter. Huge second half from Jai Williams cashing in on some timely 3s to put the Chargers ahead of the Trojans. After back and forth blows and runs. The game came down to the last 30 seconds. WCDS up 1 with 30 seconds left in the game. After 2 clutch free throws the Chargers were able to complete the comeback and defeat Pine Forest 59-57


Carlos Vazquez- 17 points, 3 rebounds

Joordan Cooper- 13 points, 4 rebounds

Jai Williams- 10 points, 3 rebounds

Pine Forest:

Jordan Jones- 21 points, 6 rebounds

Xayden Watson- 11 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists

Malquan Jackson- 11 points, 7 rebounds