What a month it was at the Hoop State League… not only did it give us an early viewing of how teams may look but also an updated look at players and see how they have continued to develop. That is why we are now going to look more at 2023 Truman Claytor from Word of God.

First off, when you look at this Word of God roster this season, they are absolutely loaded with talent. But with the roster being split up at the Hoop State League, it gave us a better opportunity to see just what Claytor is able to provide with more opportunities.

I’ve been a huge fan of Claytor and believe he is one that deserves more attention. With so much talent around him, there is only one ball to share on the court but when there are more opportunities for him, Claytor continued to show that he can be a threat at 6’5 and seems to be getting even better as a shooter from the perimeter but also impacts from a variety of other levels. Game after game, he was knocking down shots from outside with ease, showing a confident stroke. But he also has the size to battle down low, score from multiple levels, help on the boards, and be a player that can make plays with the ball in his hands.

Now, there are still areas I do believe he can continue to work on and that will just come with time, but Claytor is a player that I believe can help a program, especially in situations where he excels and how he can be used on the floor.

What Has Been Said:

“Claytor is an all-around player who does truly everything at an above-average level, but doesn’t necessarily need to dominate the ball to showcase his usefulness and adaptability. He possesses toughness, a high IQ, and the ability to pose as an on or off-ball threat. Add in his defensive prowess, and Claytor seems likely to blow up very soon.”

“He’s a smart, skilled, very well-rounded wing prospect with a terrific combination of strength, toughness, and athleticism. Claytor displays no glaring weaknesses within his skillset, and is adaptable to various different roles on the court. Coach Dre on Claytor: “Truman is very crafty as an offensive threat. This young man can heat up quickly and give the opposition buckets in a lot of different ways. Getting downhill, he is a difficult cover and displays the ability to create open opportunities for his teammates. He has great size and can play three (maybe even four) positions comfortably. He also has good range and can knock down the three-pointer with confidence. Truman creates a lot of mismatches with his skillset, and has the potential to be a dominant presence on any team.” Claytor did a lot of things well at camp, and should have a ton of college coaches in pursuit over these next two seasons at Word of God.”