FAA camp pt. 2 outstanding players:

Alexis Reyes 6'5' '21 Rectory School MA – I got to see Reyes play just once and whether he was hurt or just plain tired he kind of settled for the easy play and didn't challenge as much as I thought he would. I put him on this list however because even when not being aggressive he was still one of the best players on the floor and after a long grassroots season even the best players here take games off or go 3/4 speed to avoid an injury. He showed that quick burst only a few times in getting to the rim for acrobatic finishes and his jump shot was looking good on the few he tried. He did show some fine passing skills getting the ball to open teammates for scoring opportunities. Defensively he played harder causing a few turnovers by attacking the ball and even picked up a steal or two by stepping into a passing lane. Having seen him before on a couple occasions I didn't fret at his taking it easy for one game and in the end he still made the Top 20 game.

Dior Johnson 6'1' '22 IMG Academy FL – This young man has proven that he can no doubt score the ball as in two seasons at the Saugerties School in NY he has already gone over the 1,000 point mark on the varsity HS roster and he'll just be a freshman this fall deciding to up his profile by heading to a stacked IMG conglomerate. He was as advertised here in the three contests I was able to see him play as he showed a solid looking jump shot with a nice release and good rotation that it looks good off his fingertips. He can hit shots off the bounce with good change of direction dribbles or quick darts into the paint to pull up and bury the quick strike J. He can also get to the hole and finish with an assortment of lithe moves with pretty good body control and he uses one move on a reverse where he shields the ball and at the last second he lays it up using his body to shield his defender. His handle is really tight and he excels in the open court setting up his dribble drive game. Where he really hurts teams though is his stroke on the perimeter where he can bury triples and leave defenses trying to guess what's next. He was an easy choice for the Top 20 game and didn't disappoint there either. When you throw in his passing game which is pretty good as well it's not hard to figure why this young man will be a big time recruit down the road.

Zion Cruz 6'2' '22 Hudson Catholic NJ – Cruz may have been the surprise of the camp to me as this incoming '22 at Hudson Catholic played out of his mind in the one camp game I was able to watch. He got to the basket with a fluid motion as if floating on air to deposit layups and dunks into the basket. He showed a smooth looking form to his midrange jumper which he was able to get by creating off the dribble and if he saw an open teammate in a position to make a positive play he could stop on a dime and fire off a crisp pass over or around the defensive setup. His ball handling was solid from bringing the ball up court to driving to the cup or going by a defender and was a plus rebounder mostly using a swift and explosive first jump to soar up and grab boards. On the offensive glass he would angle in and time his leap to get a tip or slam put back which is impressive for a 6'2' player. He proved to be just as effective on defense too as he used his quick hands and feet to steer opponents away from their comfort areas and he was a solid help side defender as well. He led all scorers in the Top 20 game with 19pts and I'm guessing that he'll sneak up on a few people this season.

Nnanna Njoku 6'8' '21 Sanford School DE – This big man is a bit of a throw back who can play with his back to the basket using his solid frame to seal off defenders and use his good footwork to turn in for at the rim baskets. Contact is no problem for him as he has a strong upper body and while he doesn't have a ton of lift to his game he balances that out with nice touch inside. He also is starting to develop a reliable jump shot out to 15 feet that keeps opponents honest. Rebounding is a strength as well since he can make up for his lack of lateral quickness by making contact on his box out technique and keeping his man from getting to the ball. He has improved his outlet passing ability too and is quick to look up court off a defensive board to locate his breakout man. On defense he is less effective if he can be pulled outside but in the paint he can body up and engage his man in a mano a mano battle which is fun to watch when he's matched up with another big man. I saw him set a devastating screens to free up a cutting teammate then slide off the screen to roll to the basket and although he didn't get a lob or a look his way for that matter it was an impressive move. He ended camp with a 10 point outing in the Top 20 game and showed people he is someone to keep an eye on.

Jalen Duren 6'8' '22 Roman Catholic HS PA – This young native of Delaware is an absolute stud who is following in the footsteps of some other recent 1st state players to brave the extra travel to compete in one of the toughest HS leagues in the country. As I settled in to watch the only camp game I would catch for him I was disappointed to discover that he was taking the game off ughh! Of course he made the Top 20 game and he was clearly one of the most explosive guys in the game and from what I saw the camp as well. At one point in the contest he and Franck Kepnang were trading high level slams and this being an all star game neither tried to stand in the others way though it was highly entertaining. Having seen Duren quite a number of in the last year he was highly motivated in that game especially as a class of '22 kid but also going up against Kepnang. At times when they weren't running the floor and throwing down on one another they hooked up a few times and Duren showed that he can be an effective defender with a strong frame and quick feet. His junp shot is already tracking at a high level and he has been developing his low post game to score at the rim or above it naturally. His potential is already attracting HM interest so it will be fun scoping him out in the Philly Catholic league.

Isaiah Hill 6'2' '21 Union Catholic HS NJ – Hill's camp team featured two guys who made the Top 20 game so most of the attention during games was focused on Njoku or Dior Johnson which allowed Hill to move around the floor and make solid plays. Since I was only there the final two days I turned to some of my contemporaries and picked up a few names to monitor and his name came up. Well I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by his game and the productivity he yielded by moving without the basketball and taking advantage of the extra attention lavished on his more well known teammates and he absolutely capitalized on the opportunity. He had a real nice soft jump shot from the baseline and was equally adept at putting the rock on the floor and getting to the basket for quick strike buckets. He had some handling ability to drive the ball hard but the common sense to pull up and dish the ball if a trap was coming. He threw crisp passes without forcing the ball into tight spaces and while he had a couple turnovers from errant dishes they were of the ill advised cross court variety. He also got a few rebounds by being opportunistic and sliding past inattentive opponents to grab them. He also competed defensively and while not an open court lockdown artist he had some success in that department. While I certainly wouldn't say he was a top 30 or 40 guy in the camp after two viewings but he has a chance to be a scholarship level player with some hard work and refinement to his skillset and I definitely want to see him lace ’em up again.