Hoodies House Hoops Classic: Friday Standouts and Storylines Part 1 

Phenom Hoop Report travelled to Mint Hill, North Carolina on Friday to cover the 6th Annual Hoodie’s House Hoops Classic. Hoodies House is a nonprofit organization with a mission to raise proceeds that would aid, support, engage and provide assistance to underserved Charlotte Mecklenburg and on occasion, New York community based youth related causes and organizations, as well as, to engage in bringing awareness and support to Homelessness, hunger and education and out of school time related initiatives.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the standouts from Friday’s action.


6’8 2020 Jaden Seymour (Northside Christian)

Jaden Seymour has been on a double double tear and today was no exception. The long, agile, and athletic wing continues to make his presence felt on both ends of the court. In the impressive win over South Atlanta, Seymour scored a game high 22 points going 10-2- from the line and 2-4 from the free throw line, not to mention collecting 10 rebounds. In other words, it was another workmanlike approach. He is rapidly gaining national attention and rightfully so.


6’4 2022 Jalen Hood-Schifino (Northside Christian)

Jalen Hood-Schifino has been in the conversation as one of the elite players in the state for his class and his performance again today only solidified his lofty status. Simply put, Hood-Schifino affects the game in so many ways, whether it is on offense or defense. While he has advanced and mature approach to the game, he contributed equally on both ends of the court. In the win vs. South Atlanta, Hood-Schifino finished with a near triple double. He had 14 points going 4-8 from the floor, 2-3 from the 3-point line and 4-4 from the free throw line. In addition, he collected eight rebounds, dished out eight assists, two assists and even had one steal. In other words, just another complete all around game.


6’8 2019 Matt Mayer (Monsignor Scanlan HS, NY) 

Talk about being under the recruiting radar. We’re talking about a 6’8 power forward who just turned 17 in December. He is a solid student,  fully qualified and has put together two outstanding games here at the Hoodies House Hoops Classic. In the overtime loss, Mayer finished with a game high 35 points going an efficient 12-16 from the floor and 11-14 from the free throw line.  He collected nine rebounds, dished out two assists and had three blocks. First of all, Mayer is extremely young for his grade and is definitely a late bloomer. Mayer has passer friendly hands, willing passer out of the post and has a soft shooting touch out to 10-15 feet, which was illustrated by his high free throw shooting percentage. At the current time, Mayer has zero D1 offers with limited D2 offers. With this type of performance, he should be on the recruiting radar for lower tier D1 schools.


6’3 2020 Luke Stankavage (Ardrey Kell)

It wasn’t the best shooting performance for the young point guard, but that being said, Luke Stankavage brings a level of toughness, grit, and competitiveness that you love watching. Stankavage finished with a well balanced game. He had 20 points, collected eight rebounds, dished out five assists and even had two steals. We’re talking about a fundamentally sound, high IQ point guard, that knows how to control and dictate tempo, but most of all brings a high level of energy that is not often seen.


6’3 2022 Evan Smith (Ardrey Kell)

This was our first time watching Evan Smith and we liked what we saw. First of all, he is extremely young for his grade. At the start of the school year, Smith was still 13. That being said, the youthful freshman has a lot of promise and upside. He has good length, skill and athleticism and over time he will only continue to get better and better. Smith finished with 10 points going an efficient 4-7 from the floor, 1-1 from the 3-point line and 1-2 from the free throw line.


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6’2 2019 Kameron Flynn (Ardrey Kell)

The unsigned senior was simply terrific in the overtime win. Flynn finished with a game high 26 points going 11-17 from the floor and 4-6 from the free throw line.

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