Second game on the day in the Arena court, Rabun Gap, coming off a tough win on Saturday, battled against Franklin Prep early in the day.  Franklin Prep was able to get the tap and score quickly but Rabun Gap played well, sharing the ball and knocking down shots, eventually securing a double-digit lead in the first quarter. From then on, it was all Rabun Gap as the depth was tough to handle, as Rabun Gap just started to wear down and Rabun Gap was able to get their bench in.  It was all Rabun Gap in this one, as they cruised to a 104-41 win.

Rabun Gap:
Nate Brafford 20 points
Zsombor Vertes 14 points
Domas Kauzonas 14 points

Franklin Prep Regional:
S. Blackwell 14 points
J. Abram 10 points
D. Russell 10 points


D. Russell (Franklin Prep): There is something to be said, in a game like this, when one just doesn't give up and competes.  That is something that I will take every day on the court and that is what he did.  He pushed the ball well, found teammates, and looked to attack when the opportunity was there.

2021 Carl Thorpe (Rabun Gap): In limited action, Thorpe was strong on the offensive end with his long body.  The forward moved well in that paint and showcased his bounce and athleticism, flying through the air and finishing at the rim.

2023 Domas Kauzonas (Rabun Gap): A young big that has promise in his game.  He is agile on the court, can make an impact on both ends of the floor, and has an early soft touch around the rim.  Good size big that could continue to progress in his game.