Monday started another round of games, as Bull City National and TPLS started the day off.  Bull City Prep came out strong and used their size and athleticism to their advantage, quickly getting out to an early lead and looking to make an early statement.  TPLS struggled to get their offense going, knocking down shots and slowing down Bull City, as they found themselves down big at the half.  Bull City continued to their offensive ways, getting out in transition, creating turnovers, and finishing at the rim.  It was too much overall with Bull City, as they took home the 98-31.  It was a balanced attack for Bull City National, with 10 players in the boxscore.

Bull City Prep:
Derrick Butler 20 points
Abrahm Driver 14 points
Shawn Wilson 12 points

Jermonta James 8 points
Mahlik Munnerlin 7 points
Jackson Vincent 5 points

Bull City Prep:

6’2 ’21 Derrick Butler 

Despite being the newest addition to this team, Butler had no issue asserting himself in all facets of the game. He’s a big, strong, athletic guard prospect with a high motor, toughness defensively, and a fairly well-rounded offensive skillset. Butler forces turnovers at a consistent rate, makes an impact in transition, and finishes above the rim with regularity. He operates well within the team and is capable of making quality passes with the ball in his hands.

6’8 ’21 Dre Watson

It should come as no surprise, but Watson continues to impress with his all-around ability on both ends of the floor. He’s long, athletic, and capable of causing a ton of problems for opponents with his toughness and sheer skillset. Watson is excellent around the basket, showing a terrific blend of touch, skill, and explosion. He possesses footwork and phenomenal instincts–both for making smart plays and locating the ball as a defender and rebounder. Watson exudes toughness and confidence on either side of the ball, which makes him an absolute problem for opponents. 

6’6 ’21 Bryce Harris

Although they’ve added numerous players over the recent months, Harris’ addition has been somewhat seamless for this group. He’s smart, rugged, and well-rounded enough to adapt to various different roles on the court. Harris is a natural glue-guy with excellent rebounding instincts, particularly for his position, and the ability to defend multiple positions. He does a strong amount of everything while consistently making an impact in transition. Harris will find success wherever he should ultimately end up. 


5’11 ’21 Jermonta James

Despite some struggles as a team, James found various ways to make his presence felt throughout the course of this game. He plays hard, battles defensively, and looks to make the right play whenever possible. James operates well within the team concept and can score as needed.