When you're a coach's kid, you're expected to know how to play. In the case of 6'7' junior Duane Moss he can play.

Standing at a lengthy 6'7', Moss has great touch from multiple levels across the floor. Last season he led his playing area in scoring averaging 19.5 per game. This total was an entire point above the next guy. What really sticks out about Moss' ability to score is that he is not just a jump shooter. He moves very well without the ball and always receives the ball squared, no matter his location on the floor.

Moss attended the prestigious 2015 South Carolina Top 80, where he made a name for himself against the states best. After that event we wrote,''Moss is a highly skilled wing, who knows the game. Moss is a very efficient scorer who takes (and makes) high percentage shots at all three levels (Moss shot around 80% for the event). Moss' camp coach BJ Jackson stated,''Duane is a solid player, he plays well without the ball and is a true team player. He is not afraid to defend the 1-5 and plays hard the whole time.'' Moss has a great feel that college coaches will quickly appreciate.'

While many will talk about Moss' basketball IQ, which is extremely high, his length and sneaky athleticism play major roles in his production as well. Moss, played the summer with the Upward Stars on the 16s Adidas Gauntlet.'After playing in a Phenom Hoops AAU event this summer, we wrote,''Moss, whose dad is an assistant coach at Coastal Carolina, is a high IQ wing. He has sneaky athleticism and an ability to finish at multiple levels. In this event, Moss hovered right around 8-10 points in his games. His dad is about 6'9, so there are some expectations of more growth. As Moss continues to gain consistent confidence in himself, watch out.'

Moss carries offers from Charlotte, Furman, Delaware, and Tennessee Tech. He is in constant contact with the likes of Creighton and South Carolina, even being brought in as a preferred visitor. With Moss' dad being an assistant coach at a local school, some schools may be worried about recruiting a forgone conclusion. However, the family is adamant, Moss will go through the entire recruiting process and is wide open to all comers.

Moss is very good, great feel, great frame, most likely still growing. He can score the ball and has a toughness on the boards. His recruitment should take part of a thick regional battle. Length, range, and IQ translate and Moss has each in spades.