In what is an incredibly important class for the University of South Carolina basketball program, the Gamecocks went out and got their man early. One of the Gamecocks' top targets on the board for the 2019 class committed. Hartsville High School's 6'2' point guard Trae Hannibal pledged to take his talents an hour and a half down the road to Columbia and play his college ball.

Hannibal is a top 100 type talent, in a state known for its point guard, Ramon Sessions, Raymond Felton, Bruce Ellington, PJ Dozier, Seventh Woods, Ja Morant, etc'Hannibal is the next big point guard in line to carry the torch. Currently ranked 5th in South Carolina's loaded 2019 class, after his play in April Hannibal is primed for a jump when the next rankings come up.

Like most major prospects in the state, Hannibal has attended the prestigious South Carolina top 80 camp. After his performance his freshman year, you could tell this one was built different, ''Hannibal is the first fresh face to look for this upcoming High School season. He has a strong build, which is the first thing one notice until the ball is tipped off. When he gets the ball in his hands one quickly sees the skills he's equipped with. Trae is a strong lead guard who has handles and is learning the game at a steady rate. He's always on his toes on the defensive end, ready to pounce on a weak pass so he can get that fast break dunk! Trae is a high flyer. His strong body allows him to defend older guys with ease.'

Right in line with his talent, Hannibal was starting to blow up among Power 5 programs. Oklahoma State (with former Gamecock PG Mike Boynton as their Head Coach) offered. Kansas State, Clemson, Wake Forest, etc'were all regulars in Hartsville's gym clamoring to get their hands on Hannibal.

Hannibal is a tough, hard-nosed winner. His demeanor on the floor and his passing ability elevates everyone on his team, on both ends. He is a high flyer who will turn the corner and dunk on a late rotating big. He seemingly has eyes in the back of his head with his court vision. At an explosive 6'2'/210 pounds, he is one the best rebounding and point of attack defensive guards in the country.

All in all, Hannibal is a top 100 talent whose skill set fits perfectly with Frank Martin. Already talented, he will only be enhanced by his college choice. Fresh off a Final Four run two years ago, this is the in-state recruit the staff needed to build momentum. This is Frank Martin's 'guy'.