Amarion Williams

H3 Grind tuned in again this past week to the Dungeon Middle School as they continue to get after it. The Thursday night games packed a lot of excitement and intensity as the teams competed for top seeds in bracket play. We saw the Bulls upset the Hornets and the Nets continue their winning streak into the playoffs. Those victories set the stage for bracket play this weekend. The winners will advance to the Final Four and Championship next weekend. You don’t want to miss the action. 

Let’s take a look at Thursday night’s top players at the Dungeon.

Jahkelvin  Rascoe 5’6
Bertie Middle School
8th grade 
AAU Team Elite One Ballers 

Jahkelvin Rascoe is a dynamic combo guard with the ability to get to the basket at will. Jahkelvin is also a tremendous defender. Jahkelvin is a smart crafty guard with excellent court vision to create on the floor.  He demonstrates exceptional basketball IQ when he is executing from any guard position on the court. His quickness on his change of direction helps him get past defenders and make big plays in the paint. He is extremely comfortable shooting around the perimeter. He is very athletic and showed to be stronger than anyone else on the floor. He will be strong at the “next level” and will be an immediate impact player in high school.

5’6 Amarion Williams 
Farmville Middle School
7th grade

Amarion, aka “Bug”, was on point again last night leading his team to a second consecutive victory, scoring a game high 20pts. He is a long and athletic guard with a high basketball IQ and two-way identity. He has incredible quickness and tight handles that poses matchup problems every night. He scores effortlessly from all spots on the floor and has the ability to create shots for himself and teammates. Improving his strength will be the next step in his development. If he becomes stronger that will make him a more lethal threat.  While sitting with a colleague he stated that he was very impressed with this young man and said “this kid will go straight to varsity”.