Guard Play setting the tone for Carmel Christian


Carmel Christian came in a bit under the radar this year they weren’t receiving nearly the press coverage their fellow counterparts around the state were.

The Cougars  first made a statement when they upset the Greenies of Christ School the number two ranked team in the NC polls. A contest Carmel Christian came into as an underdog to most analysts  but they always believed in their abilities.

Stellar guard play has really set the tone Josh Price, Marten Maide, and Donovan Gregory, have led the way early for this unit. All three guards possess different skillsets that compliment the group as a whole.

Price a 6’3 2018 prospect is the senior leader of the group and he provides stability in crucial moments. He is an extension of the staff on the floor, Price is the son of a coach his father Mark Price is the head man at Unc -Charlotte so he understands the ins and outs of the game.

Maide and Gregory are both 2019 prospects and their development has taken this program to new height. Maide is one of the best shooters in the state regardless of class, the streaky two guard is playing with big confidence. Maide has evolved from a catch and shooter into a fully acclimated offensive star. Maide has improved on getting his shot off the dribble; he has shown the ability to make tough shots, and Maide has been effective driving to the cup.

We have witnessed Gregory’s stock skyrocket early into the high school season and he currently holds five offers, (UNCC, Hampton  Winthrop Wagner and App State). Gregory  is a gifted two- way wing prospect. Offensively Gregory can score from all three levels; at a strong  6’5 he is an effective slasher capable of finishing through contact, Gregory can pull up from mid range or spot up from deep, and he is the primary playmaker for this group as well. Defensively he can guard multiple positions and Gregory plays bigger than his size on the boards.

Gregory along with the group as a whole came into our Showcase to send a message, they embraced the challenge facing Christ School to start things off.


“It started when they had a North Carolina team ranking and we weren’t even in the top ten that was disrespectful to me, then we saw we had Christ School first who was number two in the poll and people probably looked at us and thought we weren’t very good.” Gregory said.

Gregory and Maide scored in double figures to help secure the first win on the year, the team played hard as a unit and knew it was a big win for the program.

The Cougars really push the pace and with a lack of big men they force teams to play fast.

“We’re not to big so we have to play fast and keep them going, stay solid on the defensive end and stick to the principles.” said Gregory.


Aside from these three the true x-factor is 2019 6’3 wing Myles Pierre, when this kid is on the Cougars go from a good team to a great one. Pierre has as much upside as anyone on the team and he is the third or fourth scoring option!

Pierre can score from anywhere on the floor and he is another versatile wing capable of slotting in at multiple positions. Pierre shot the ball at a high percentage in our showcase he moves well without the rock and doesn’t need much space to get a shot off. Pierre is good at putting his man on his hip and keeping the defender there on the drive, at 6’3 Pierre is strong with the basketball and can finish with either hand.


It is apparent Carmel Christian will be in the big mix of things this year for the state title and bragging rights in the Hoop State.

The Cougars are well coached by Byron Dinkins and staff, they are disciplined and rarely make mistakes.