Logan Threatt

Coming into the season, it was going to be interesting to see how different Carmel Christian may look from last year's team, as they lost some key guys.  2022 Cade Tyson came back for his senior season and we knew what we were going to get from him but it was going to be the others that look to step up, especially at the guard position.

Though it is still early, guard play has been strong in helping Carmel off to a strong start both offensively and defensively and it has been a group effort.

Helping lead the charge, 2022 Logan Threatt really makes his impact known with his program.  He fits in well with how Coach Badgett wants to run his offense, showing his speed on both sides of the ball and being a leader on the floor.  Threatt is at his best when he is able to show his balanced attack with his speed in transition or operate in the halfcourt to look for his pull-up.  He also can help defensively with his quickness as well.

2022 Nyles Howard also is starting out strong, coming off the bench and providing positive minutes for his team. Whether it has been showing his athleticism, using his size to finish over defenders, or knock-down jumpers, Howard has had a few highlight-plays already this season for Carmel Christian.

Other guards like Kyle Bean, who is a veteran and a key player on both sides of the floor, 2022 Julian Arias, a stingy guard that can help run the show, or 2022 Santana Smith, who plays hard on defense and can knock down open shots from the perimeter, Carmel Christian seems to right back on track in looking to make another run for a title and their guard play will be a key part of that.